10 Foods And Drinks That Causes Yellow Teeth


Teeth play a significant role in the overall well-being of the health. Special dental care is required to preserve your teeth. Enamel is the thin external covering of the tooth. The normal color of the enamel is white. All of us want bright, white smiles. They boost the confidence.Teeth become yellow either due to aging or due to the eating habit. There are few foods that cause a stain in the teeth leaving it yellow. It is very a very surprising fact that not only dark colored food and drinks make the teeth yellow. Stain causing food and drinks on clothes can cause a stain on the teeth.

We Have Listed The Chief 10 Food And Drinks That Make The Teeth Yellow:

1. Curry

Curry considered being the great Indian food. It is very good to treat inflammation. It is popularly known as Haldi or turmeric in India. Loaded with many health benefits this food leaves your teeth yellow. Need not eliminate this food from your list but make sure to add lots of vegetables with curry to reduce stains.


2. Beetroots

Beetroot is a healthy vegetable rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, and fiber. But it offends the teeth badly by making it yellow. Beetroot is extremely pigmented. Hence eating it can make your teeth yellow. Regular cooking and eating beetroot may take some time to stain your teeth. Drinking beetroot juice can immediately leave your teeth stained. Use a straw to drink beet juice to reduce the staining.


3. Aerated Drinks

The above two food are good for health. Hence we also provided some ways to eat them still preventing tooth becoming yellow. Instead aerated drinks add no value to health. They cause heavy damage to our system. Phosphoric acid and chromogens present in aerated drinks eat away the tooth enamel leaving it yellow. Avoid consuming aerated drinks. This not only saves your teeth but also good for your health.

Aerated Drinks

4. Berries

The natural colors present in the Berries stain the enamel surrounding your teeth. Berries contain a large amount of sugar content. Continuous use of berries can make your teeth yellow. Polyphenols are the stain causing agent in berries. Berries include cherry, pomegranate, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries.


5. Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar is dark in color. It is sweet vinegar used for all salad dressing in Italy. It has become very popular across the globe. While it is healthy and tasty on salad dressing, it makes your teeth yellow. Make sure to include crunchy lettuce to your salad. Chew and eat the lettuce to clean the stain of balsamic vinegar from your teeth. This way you need not give up eating balsamic vinegar.

Balsamic Vinegar

6. Sauce

The sauce includes Pasta sauce, tomato sauce, soy sauce and much more. Sauces are acidic in nature. They are bright red in color. They have the inclination to stick to the teeth. Thus they make the yellow. Bright colored sauces get attached to dental enamel which is porous in nature. This easily stains the teeth.


7. Fruit Juices

Are you surprised to know that fruit juices can make your teeth yellow? Yes, fruits are good for health when they are taken as whole fruits and not as juice. Fruits contain natural sugar and fructose. First, they slowly make the teeth yellow eventually leading to cavities.

Fruit Juices

8. Caffeine

Caffeine damages the tooth enamel. Caffeine supports the bacteria in your mouth to form acids. Acids lead to enamel erosion. Eroded enamel gives a yellow look to your teeth. Food that contains caffeine includes coffee, tea brew, chocolate bars, carbonated beverages, energy drinks and much more. Hot coffee and tea can cause micro fractures of the tooth surface. This process reveals the yellow surface underneath. Also, the alteration in temperature can cause tooth surface to expand, letting the stains to settle down in the enamel.


9. Sugar

Traditional sweets made of sugar, hard candies and all sugar rich food gift your teeth with yellow stains. Also, sugar contents stay in the mouth for a long time that is the real culprit for teeth stain. Sugar present in starchy foods including pasta, chips, bagels, and bread are also equally harmful to teeth as sugar candies. Eating starch rich food also makes teeth yellow similar to eating sugar.

sugar candies

10. Red Wine

Wine is an acidic drink. The tartness of wine makes your teeth more vulnerable to staining. The natural dyes, tannins, and acid present in red wine make your teeth yellow. Tannins are biomolecules that cause discoloration of teeth. Drinking wine also dehydrates your body. Saliva Production is reduced thus yellow stains becomes permanent on the teeth.

red wine

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