10 Natural Cures For Palpitation

PalpitationPalpitation is a condition referred to when the heart beats out of rhythm. Most of the time the heart is functioned to beat exactly it should. However, sometimes it goes beyond our control and the heart beat rates fluctuate from being normal.

This condition can be a result of excessive stress and pressure.  However, it can be instantly cured with the help of certain natural methods. Here are some natural cures that can be used to cure palpitation:

Natural Ways To Cure Palpitation

Breathe Slow

Breathing Exercises

Try to take slow and steady breaths. You can do it while sitting down. Take deep breaths very slowly and try to expand the belly at every breath. This will instantly help to normalize the heart beat rate.

Cough Forcefully

Try to cough out forcefully as it will create pressure on the chest. And that can reset the rhythm of the heart and normalize the condition.

Cold Water


You can take a few gulps of cold water. This may prove to be an instant healer. A popular theory is that the water forces the oesophagus to press against the heart and this gentle push normalises the beat rate.

Valsalva Maneuver

This refers to the technique where one has to pinch the nose closing the mouth. You have to bear down like the way you move bowel. The sudden but brief rise of pressure in the blood will help to reset the heart beat rate. This technique was named after a seventeenth century Italian anatomist, Antonio Maria Valsalva.

Stop Caffeine Intake

Remedies To Help With Caffeine Withdrawals

Try to avoid having anything containing caffeine like coffee or tea. Often people may start taking aerated drinks or colas instead of cold water for the situation to normalize. You should avoid that as it may only worsen the condition instead of healing it.

Don’t Overeat

It is best to have food at regular intervals instead of piling a lot at one go. Often it is seen that some people have the habit of skipping a meal and then going for a very elaborate and heavy meal at one time. This can create a malfunction of the blood pressure levels and the blood from the heart will get diverted towards your digestive system.  The palpitation can increase in this case.

Splash Ice Cold Water

Ice pack

Try to splash cold water on your face or take a very cold shower. The cold sensation can give a shock to your body and will help to reset the heart at normal beats. Try to avoid this technique if you are prone to get cold and cough easily.

Eat Fish

Try to consume more of fishes. The fat content in fishes is healthy for our heart. Fishes like salmon and mackerel are rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids which is a known heart friendly substance. Try to include a portion of these kind of fishes in your diet and your palpitation will be cured.


Take Regular Exercise

Exercising is a very good healer for palpitation. It is not advisable to run or jog at this time. However, taking a brief walk or practising some yoga can be done alternatively. This can normalize the heart beats and you will get relief.

Relieve From Stress

As already said, stress is the main cause of palpitation so it is best to keep stress at bay. Whenever you feel stressed out, try to engage in something that relieves stress like going for meditation or seeking some aromatherapy treatments.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.