10 Natural Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Natural Home Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry skin has indeed become one of the most common problems nowadays. This can mostly be seen during winter and at times even a small amount of blood can be seen drooping from the skin. Though, it isn’t any complicated issue, one must always be aware of some of the natural remedies to avoid dry skin as it can also pop out to make a prolonged damage to the skin.

Here’s The List Of The Natural Remedies To Treat The Problems Of Dry Skin On The Whole.

1. Yogurt

yogurt is known to be the best skin hydrating agent of all time. Hence it can be considered as one of the best natural remedy to treat dry skin. There are even plenty of anti-inflammatory properties in yogurt that actually help during itchy times. One mustn’t forget that yogurt is made of lactic acid which can remove the bacteria and other disease causing germs that have grown on the skin. Using of yogurt is quite simple and all one must have to do is to simply massage a considerable amount on the skin gently and get indulged in a shower for more than ten ten minutes. This allows to reduce the effects of dry skin and makes your skin fresh.


2. Olive Oil

When one opts for olive oil to handle the purpose, it’s always recommended to use the extra virgin olive oil. This is nothing but the oil produced solely by pressing the olive seeds and no manufacture process is involved here. This unveils that the oil has minimum impurities and can be used to treat efficiently. Olive oil has a large amount of antioxidant properties and even has some fatty acids that are a lot helpful to the skin. It must be applied around half an hour before taking a shower and this oil has to be gently massaged over the entire body.

olive oil

3. Castor Oil

Castor Oil is an amazing source of Vitamin E and there are also many anti-oxidant properties in castor oil that thoroughly makes it one of the best natural remedy to treat dry skin. Hence, it’s mostly used to handle winter dryness. One must gently massage it over their face to remove the dryness and cracks also eyes must be be kept away from this. Fine nourishment of the skin can be acquired with the usage of castor oil on a regular basis which makes it a formidable home remedy.

castor oil

4. Salt

Salt is known for its excellent hydrating properties and it is mostly used to handle the problems with dry skin by including it in a bath. Hence many doctors usually suggest to include around half a cup of salt in a tub full of water and then proceed to bath. Also a slight amount of glycerin can be added to the mixture for better nourishment purposes. However, it would be highly painful if salt is used where there are open wounds and hence it must be avoided under such cases. After the bath apply moisturizer to your skin which completes the skin.


5. Honey

One of the best naturally available moisturizers known for its healing and anti microbial properties. Also by applying to your skin, it helps to hold the moisture on a large scale to make the skin even more softer than before. Also it has many vitamins and minerals in it that improves the skin health a lot than expected. It is recommended to use honey before taking a bath or a shower and this has to be followed daily for better benefits to the skin.


6. Aloe Vera

This helps to heal the skin more quickly than expected. Aloe Vera gel is one of the best natural remedy to fade many dead skin cells and promote the growth of some fresh cells all in all. Also it is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids that lashes out many loose skin cells and promote the nourishment of the skin. One might not worry about the process of obtaining a gel as it’s quite simple. It’s all about cutting the leaf with a knife and taking out the jelly like substance. Apply it on your skin regularly and highly recommended before a shower. Also it’s famed to have some huge quantities of vitamin E that’s a lot essential for hair and skin health.

Aloe Vera

7. Consuming Fish

This particular natural remedy isn’t quite suitable to vegetarians and can solely be restricted to the non-vegetarians. Fish is an excellent sea food that promotes the skin health a lot. Under cases of dry ski, some cold water fish is particularly recommended such as salmon as they are quite rich in fatty acids that helps in arresting the moisture on the skin. Apart from fish, there are also plenty of marine species such as octopus, prawn that suits this purpose a lot. Vegetarians need not get disappointed as there are many food supplements that are rich in essential fatty acids and these foods include walnuts, oats,¬†linseed oil etc.

Consuming Fish

8. Milk

Milk has high amounts of lactic acid in it that assists a lot in thrashing away the dead skin cells and also improves the capability of the skin to hold moisture. In this regard, taking a milk bath can help you a lot and all one has to do is to take a dry cloth and soak it in cold milk for a few minutes. After this, massage the wet cloth gently over the skin and make sure that sufficient amount of lactic acid stays on it.

milk bath

9. Less Shower

It’s always advisable to take shower for ten minutes and not more than that. This is because taking shower for too long can wash out the oils on the skin that actually protects the skin from dryness. Also hot water must be avoided as they also tend to vanish the protective oils.

less shower

10. Almond Oil

Almond oil is recommended by most of the doctors during winter. It’s known to contain some high amounts of vitamin E in it that paves a way for effective lubrication a lot.

Almond Oil

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.