10 Natural Remedies To Avoid Night Time Leg Cramps

Natural Remedies To Avoid Night Time Leg Cramps

Leg cramps during nights can occur due to various reasons. These include over exercising, sleeping in an awkward position for a considerable amount of time. However there might even be many other causes for this such as usage of steroids, birth control etc. Leg cramps may result in severe pain at times and mostly acquires for aged ones and pregnant ladies. Also osteoarthritis, diarrhea can result in night time muscle cramps. Hence there’s an alarming need to sort out some of the natural home remedies to reduce the extent of leg cramps to the maximum extent possible.

Some Of The Best Natural Remedies To Treat Leg Cramps That Are Usually Induced At Night:

1. Avoid Tight Bed Sheets

Especially during the cold weather season, many do have the habit of using tight bed sheets which aren’t recommendable. The reason for this is quite simple. By arresting oneself in a tight bed sheet, the toes tend to point downwards forcefully which have to face upwards. This phenomenon might result in cramps and many of the readers would definitely be surprised with this as they have been unable to find the actual reason for night cramps. Hence always use loose bed sheets and make your body parts quite relaxed.

Avoid Tight Bed Sheets

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt can be used a lot to handle the problem,s of muscle cramps and this is because of the magnesium content present in it. Many studies unveil the fact that lack of magnesium content in the body can result in leg cramps. Magnesium is a kind of mineral essential to the body that assists a lot in healing and relaxation. This property make it a suitable remedy to use it during the night time muscle cramps. All one has to do is to add a cup of epsom salt in a tub full of water and mix it thoroughly. Then you have to soak your leg in the mixture about half an hour. This process gets to relax your muscles and provide relief.

Epsom Salt

3. Consuming Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium deficiency in the body can result in night time leg cramps and many studies have practically proved this fact. In this context, there’s a lot of necessity to intake foods that are rich in potassium content. Consuming these foods might lower the problems of leg cramps during night. Apricots, apple, sea food etc are few of the food supplements that must be considered in this regard as they have rich amounts of potassium in them.

Consuming Potassium Rich Foods

4. Consumption Of Sufficient Water

There’s a lot of necessity to stay hydrated during nights else the chance of acquiring leg cramps are quite high under those circumstances. The major night time leg cramps can be due to this problem, hence one must always intake at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps in better contraction and relaxation of muscles and this solely required to fade away many difficulties. Therefore make sure that you have enough quantity of water regularly to get the sufferings due to night time leg cramps thrashed away completely.

Consumption Of Sufficient Water

5. Clove Oil

Clove oil is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties and these make it a perfect natural remedy for muscle cramps. Clove oil might be used to reduce the pain during muscle cramps and it is also known to possess many anesthetic uses that lashes out the leg cramp suffering. The procedure to use clove oil for this purpose is indeed quite simple and all one has to do is simply to massage the affected area with clove oil gently and later fastening the pace to urge the muscles to relax a lot quicker than expected.

Clove Oil

6. Performing Proper Exercises To Relieve The Pain

This gives an instant relief from the leg cramps when no one is around or any of the mentioned remedies aren’t accessible immediately. However, these must be done with a lot of care as there may or may not be any supervision. Therefor it’s always recommended to take a note of these postures in any of the video sites to get a clear idea of what to do during the time of cramps. Stretching the legs towards the wall and holding firm about a minute, stretching the inner calf can be few of the possible postures that can give you a sort of instant reliefs during night time muscle cramps.

Performing Proper Exercises To Relieve The Pain

7. Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard is known to be made out of mustard and vinegar and this is yet another natural remedy to arrest the problems of muscle cramps. The prime reason for considering yellow mustard for this purpose is that it has a formidable amount of acetic acid in it which actually produces a compound called acetylcholine. This is originally known to be neurotransmitter that activates the muscle cells. This can cause the muscles to move which could eventually get the person relieved from pain and stress.

Yellow Mustard

8. Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is native to North American region and is famed to handle the cases of night time leg cramps quite well. Many reports suggested that the ones using primrose oil were relieved from the muscle pain a lot quicker when compared with those using other medications. After the survey results, primrose oil also stood one among those remedies that get to treat the problems associated with night time leg cramps apart from confining itself to the ones who are suffering from cholesterol, acne etc.

Evening Primrose Oil

9. Hot Compress

Applying a hot compress around the affected area might result in loosening of the muscles and relive from the cramp occurred. Hence it’s always recommendable to place a mild hot water vapor on the area of the cramp. It must then be followed by some cooling compress where the cooling effect might take you out of the pain in no time.

Hot Compress

10. Black Strap Molasses

As mentioned earlier, muscle cramps might be acquired due to the deficiency of calcium and potassium and under such cases, black strap molasses can vividly be helpful as it’s well known t be rich in those minerals.

Black Strap Molasses

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.