10 Natural Ways To Combat Vitamin D Deficiency

Natural Ways To Combat Vitamin D Deficiency

Today the deficiency of vitamin D has now been becoming a global issue as numbers of people of different age groups are suffering from this particular issue. It has been calculated that around one billion people all over the world have inadequate levels of vitamin D in their blood. Along with these thing individuals who are darker in the skin, as well as overweight people, tends to be suffering from lower levels of vitamin D, although, perfect diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency is simple. There are some home remedies by which you can lower the deficiency of vitamin D in a convenient way.

Natural Ways to Combat Vitamin D Deficiency are:

1. Tuna

Taking three ounces of tuna for the daily purpose can reduce the deficiency of vitamin D up to 50% as it is most notorious food and eating oily fish can easily lubricate your body with good amount of fatty acids that can have health benefits like memory booster & healthy brain.


2. Eggs

This is another food that can remove the deficiency of vitamin D as it contains the vitamin D in all forms. Eating an egg once in a day can provide you almost 10% of vitamin D of daily needs.


3. Yoga & Exercise

Exercising outdoors can significantly increase the level of vitamin D even in colder season. Weight bearing tasks like walking, dancing, jogging, skiing can be an effective form of exercise.

Yoga & Exercise

4. Getting An Adequate Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight is a natural & cost-effective way of removing vitamin D deficiency. It is naturally produced by our body with exposure to sunlight. It is advisable for you to get an accurate amount of sunlight on a daily basis.

Getting An Adequate Sunlight

5. Take Foods High In Vitamin D

All the important sources of vitamin D in the form of both D-2 & D-3 can be easily found in some foods products. Some of the best natural & good food sources of vitamin D can be oily fish, salmon, tuna, etc. Cod liver oil can also be an excellent source of vitamin D that can deliver you 1,360 international units of a vitamin D in a single tablespoon.

Take Foods High In Vitamin D

6. Eat Enough Calcium

We know that the vitamin D & calcium both can work together in making your bones strong. You just have to make sure that you get enough calcium by the inclusion certain dairy products, leafy vegetables, tofu, fish, nuts & almonds in your dietary supplements.

Eat Enough Calcium

7. You Should Look For Fortified Food Items

Today more & more companies are adding a great amount of vitamin D in their food products. You can read the labels of nutrition in a product just to see whether or not a particular product has been fortified with a good amount of vitamin D. Examples of these food items can be milk & breakfast cereals.

You Should Look For Fortified Food Items

8. Vitamin D In Mushrooms

A mushroom is a rare food when it comes to providing a rich source of Vitamin D. Mushrooms have the ability to plant sterols which are able to substantially convert UV light to the vitamin D. Apart from that mushrooms of both types maitake & portobello are rich sources of vitamin D especially in the case of exposure to ultraviolet light.

Vitamin D In Mushrooms

9. Avoid Stress

A study shows that the stress can decrease the level of vitamin D inside your body and this may lead to a deficiency of vitamin D. Having a lot more stress at work can lower down the vitamin levels. Hence try to take less stress.

Avoid Stress

10. Limit Your Caffeine Level

Caffeine may sometimes interfere with the vitamin D level in your body and because of this effect caffeine can significantly affect the calcium levels inside the human body. So it’s better to neglect the overconsumption of caffeine-rich products like tea, coffee & caffeinated soft drinks.

Limit Your Caffeine Level

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.