10 Reasons You are Tired All the Time

10 Reasons You are Tired All the Time

We usually blame being tired due to our busy lifestyle. Sometimes this may be right, but if you are tired all the time then there might be some lifestyle problem or medical reason that is playing the culprit. There might be just one or several simple factors or habits affecting our energy levels, but most of the time, we would be ignorant about those. In this post, we have summed up few important reasons that might drain your energy up and make you feel sluggish all the time. Check out to learn how to ditch these and improve your energy levels.

Reasons You are Tired All the Time 

1. Not Hydrated Enough:

Fluid loss, even as little as 2 percent, would affect the energy level of the body to a great level say the experts. They say dehydration increases thickness of blood and increases stress of heart in terms of pumping blood and thus affects the rate of blood flow and nutrients reaching the organs. So, it is always recommended to drink more water to keep you hydrated [1].

Not hydrated Enough

2. Iron Deficiency:

Deficiency of iron can lead to sluggishness and body weakness. Iron is involved in the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to various cells in the body and hence less oxygen and nutrient supply to cells might result in fatigue. So, consume iron rich food such as green leafy veggies, kidney beans, nuts, seafood, peas, etc to stay energized [2].

Iron Deficiency

3. Skipping Breakfast:

The food you eat is what provides your body with the energy to do all activities. What you eat in the dinner provides enough energy to maintain blood flow and supports metabolic processes throughout the night so the next day it becomes necessary to refill energy. Hence, it becomes indispensible to have breakfast and when you skip it, there is insufficiency of fuel to start your metabolism and thus results in all time fatigue [3].

Skipping Breakfast

4. Poor Quality Sleep:

Human beings need at least 7 hours of sound sleep every day to stay fresh and healthy. Sleep deprivation is one of the reasons for sluggishness, bad mood, poor cognitive performance, and overall health. Even small amounts of sleep deprivation over the time can affect your health. So, sleep on time, practice relaxation techniques, follow bed time rituals and get enough quality sleep [4].

Poor Quality Sleep

5. Lack of Exercise:

Desk jobs, which are more common today, have led to sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement. Lack of regular activities and sitting for hours at your desk might result in increased stress, fatigue and mood swings. To overcome this problem, a simple solution is getting enough exercise. Following a regular exercise regimen in the morning and doing simple workouts at your desk whenever possible has a positive impact on the mind and body. Exercise produces helpful biochemicals that beat fatigue and will help you stay stress free and positive [5].

Lack of Exercise

6. Obesity:

Besides burdening your body and bones with additional weight, obesity especially morbid obesity where the BMI is > 40 can result in sleep apnea that can be quite disruptive. Sleep apnea is associated with the soft tissue present in the throat and mouth. When tongue and throat muscles are relaxed during sleep this soft tissue can block the airway. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue and tiredness [6].


7. Pregnancy:

One of the initial changes that you notice when you are pregnant is sudden changes in your energy level and sleeping habits. Feelings of fatigue is quite common in the first trimester. If you are usually awake past midnight, but suddenly feel tired and want to crash out as early as 9 pm then pregnancy could the reason [7].


8. Depression:

Besides making a person feel sad, depression can also drain your energy levels. Depression could make you fall asleep or can keep you awake all night. Lack of sleep will affect the mental health of a person. So, if you treat depression then you will overcome the problem of fatigue as well [8].



9. Thyroid Disease:

Thyroid gland regulates our energy levels and metabolism. An underactive thyroid is responsible for various symptoms including tiredness. Thyroid disorders are treatable and if a person complains of tiredness and/or muscle weakness then he/she should have the test done and get the right treatment to tackle the symptoms associated with the condition [9].

Thyroid Disease

10. Diabetes:

A lot of people these days are diagnosed with diabetes. Sugar or glucose works as a fuel to keep your body active. However, people with Type 2 diabetes will not be able to use glucose properly, which increases the sugar levels in the blood. As they do not have adequate energy to keep the body functioning smoothly, diabetic patients often notice tiredness as early warning signs [10].


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