10 Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That Should Not Be Ignored

Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That Should Not Be Ignored

A lung cancer usually does not show any sign or symptom until it has spread widely. Even when there are some early signs, they are difficult to identify and are similar to other health conditions. However, if it is diagnosed at an early stage, the therapy becomes much easier and effective. If you can relate with some of the early warnings and suspect that you may have lung cancer, it is best to visit your doctor and go for a screening, as early as possible. Here are some of the common early signs and symptoms of lung cancer which should not be ignored.

Some Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That Should Not Be Ignored:

1. Persistent Cough

When we have a common cough and cold, it usually goes away within a week or couple of weeks. If the coughing persists, you should seek immediate medical intervention. If you are a frequent smoker or a patient of chronic coughing, any change in the pattern of cough, its frequency or intensity, it may be a cause of concern. It is important to look for the signs if the cough
becomes deeper or hoarse, or if it has more mucus. Although, a patient of lung cancer suffers from cough throughout the day, it usually worsens during the night.

Persistent Cough

2. Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath is something which should never be underestimated or dismissed away. If it occurs frequently while doing something, which could have been done easily earlier, the symptom should not be ignored. When there is a tumor in the lung and it obstructs the airway, or a fluid formation in the chest blocks the airway, it causes shortness and difficulty in breathing. Based on the symptoms, an early detection of lung cancer can be life-saving.

Shortness Of Breath

3. Pain In The Chest And Bones

Lung cancer and chest pain are often associated with each other. The pain is usually deep and stubborn. You may experience pain even in the adjoining areas like the back or shoulder. If the cancer forming cells have spread to the bones, it is likely to cause pain in those parts of the bones as well. Further, when it reaches the brain, the patient may develop some neurological
symptoms including mild to severe headache.

 Pain In The Chest And Bones

4. Frequent Wheezing

Wheezing is like a sound of whistle which occurs when there is a breathing difficulty. It is often associated with medical conditions like allergies or asthma. However, there is a possibility that the underlying cause is lung cancer. Ongoing wheezing for a period longer than usual should not be ignored.

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5. Change In Voice

If your voice becomes different all of a sudden, it is evident that all is not well. Voice becoming deeper or hoarser can happen due to common cold or cough. If it persist, seeing the doctor becomes necessary.

Change In Voice

6. Continued Chest Infections

Lung cancer causes infection in the lung and its adjoining areas. As the tumor becomes bigger, it pushes against the other tissues nearby. The patient may experience infections like pneumonia and bronchitis which does not go away easily and often recurs. A cancer affected body becomes more prone to infections, irrespective of the type of cancer. However, persisting and recurring chest infections as well as pneumonia and bronchitis are more common with lung cancer.

 Chest Infections

7. Unexplained Weight Loss And Fatigue

Losing weight is not easy and a drastic weight loss sound like a blessing. However, doctors often emphasize on the fact that a sudden or unexplained weight loss can be the sign of an underlying disease. If you suddenly continue to lose weight without following any effort or experience abnormal fatigue, it becomes necessary to find out the reason. The weight loss is often following by a loss of appetite as the tumor impacts the metabolic system. This is an alarming symptom and is common with any type of cancer.

Unexplained Weight Loss And Fatigue

8. Pain In The Hands And Fingers

Weakness or numbness and pain in the hands and fingers are the early signs of lung cancer which is often co-related with work-related stress and pain. Along with pain, the skin and its texture also become thick, scaly and whiter. Folding the palms becomes difficult and the folds become pronounced and disfigured. This is a sign of either lung cancer or stomach cancer.

Pain In The Hands And Fingers

9. Bloody Phlegm

Blood in phlegm is always considered to be unhealthy, even when it is negligible. There may be fresh blood or it may be rust colored, in large or tiny proportion. It is not necessary that if you have blood in phlegm, lung cancer is the only reason. It may be due to many other serious medical condition or disease, which requires immediate medical intervention.

 Bloody Phlegm

10. Pain In The Shoulder

As and when the growth of the tumor progresses, it puts more pressure on the lungs, especially on the upper part of it and the nerves leading up to the armpit. This may cause discomfort, tingling, unpleasant sensation and pain in the shoulders, soreness, arms and hands. It symptom occurs when the cancer is already at its advanced stage where therapy  becomes more difficult.

Pain In The Shoulder

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