10 Warnings That Your Fingernails Are Indicating

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Fingernails are one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to health. Fingernails can become one of the mediums to identify any issues and problems in the body. The nails grow and develop when the body is filled with enough nutrients and thus, if anything is wrong in the body, it can be identified by from the nails. While starring at your nails for a while, you would come to know about your health and issues. The cuticles, the nail plates and several such areas signify some issues and warning signs about your health which you need not ignore. Also the color of the nail and texture can say a lot about your health condition. If You Are Looking For Some Such Signs, Here Are Some Of The Most Accurate Signs Which Can Read Your Health Condition And You Must Not Ignore Them!

1. Extremely Thick Nails

The texture of nails is not extremely thick. They can range from a little flexible and little thick. If your nails are extremely thick, it showcases issues in your lungs. The thick nails can reflect lack of proper blood circulation and infections. If you are at a risk of numerous fungal, lung and such disease can cause if you have thick and stiff nails.

thick nails

2. Spilt Nails

Your nails splitting away are not due to the thin nails and use of various products. The splitting of nails can be due to several deficiencies your body is suffering from. The vitamin, protein and mineral deficiencies can cause such split nails. Also this signifies tat your body is affected with malnutrition. Thus if you have split and flaking nails, you are suffering from any deficiency and need to consume more nutrients.

split nails

3. Discolored Nails

The nails are generally meant to be beautiful pink in color. The cuticles or base may get a little white-pink combination but the entire nails should reflect pink shade. If your nails are not pink and are discolored, there are some extreme healthy conditions related to it. Generally different colors suggest different kind of infections such as green color suggests bacterial infections, red color showcases heart infections, white looking nails reflects deficiencies and liver disease while blue nails show low blood circulation!

discolored nails

4. Dry And Brittle Nails

If your nails are dry and brittle, it signifies lots of concerns and dangers for your health. The dry cuticles, brittle nails showcase deficiencies, arthritis, thyroid fungal infections, and such infections. The dry and brittle nails also showcase low blood circulation and low mineral absorption from the food you consume.

Dry And Brittle Nails

5. Vertical Stripes On The Nails

This is a commonly witnessed issue in many people the vertical stripes on the nails showcases skin cancer. The skin cancer form called linear melanochia is a warning if your nails show you the dark vertical strips. This is a very extreme case of skin cancer which needs to get identifies and cured soon.

Vertical Stripes On The Nails

6. Spoon Nails

If your nails become thin and flexible and gets the shape of a spoon, this is a condition which acts as a warning sign for your health. Generally, this kind of formation can reflect hypothyroidism and hemochromatosis. This is due to the lack of absorption of the important nutrients like iron and vitamins. Also this condition can warn you for the fungal infections and low blood flow in your body.

spoon nails

7. White Strips On The Nails

We have noticed these white strips quite much on people’s nails. This sign completely suggest that you are facing the lack of minerals and nutrients. If you are not consuming proper nutritious foods or your body is unable to absorb the nutrients from the food properly, the nails would depict it through the whit stripes. Majorly, the lack of protein is signified by these stripes.

white strips on nails

8. Yellow Nails

The yellow and discolored nails have lots to say. If you have yellow and dirty looking nails, it showcases a fungal infection. Generally the toenails and finger nails start becoming yellowish when you are suffering from any kind of fungal infections. If your nails rent getting normal after trying some remedies, it may indicate liver or lung issues. Thus do not consider it mildly!

yellow nails

9. Pitted And Dipped Nails

If you have pits and holes in your nails, it also gets you some warning signs. Zinc deficiency, psoriasis, immune system disorders are the result of these nails. The holes and dips signify this disease which must be diagnosed and cured at early stages!

Pitted And Dipped Nails

10. Clubbed Nails

If your nails are clubbed and you feel swelling around our nails, this can act as a dangerous warning sign for your nails. The clubbed nails can reflect Aids, bowel issues, lung issues, liver issues and d such dangerous conditions. Thus go for early diagnosis and improve your health!

clubbed nails

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.