11 Home Remedies For Clear Skin



Skin is considered as one of the most important organ of the body that covers the entire body. It needs to be maintained on regular basis to keep its health intact. Various kinds of factors can seriously hamper the quality of the skin and thus leads to the formation of various kinds of skin ailments. Thus, Clear Skin should always be maintained by adopting the latest kinds of techniques. Proper lifestyle as well as best home remedies can be used to take care of the skin and maintain it on long term basis. Home remedies that are tried for skin is pure and do not pose any type of side effects. The price of these remedies is also affordable.

11 Home remedies For Clear Skin

1. Banana And Avocado

Smoothie can be prepared by mixing banana and avocado in proper amount. It contains proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients that are quite good for the skin. Blend banana and avocado in a blender and prepare smoothie from it. This smoothie will help the skin to stay young and perfect.[1]

 Banana And Avocado

2. Detoxifying Salad

A perfect detoxifying salad can be easily prepared at home by adding raw potato, cabbage and carrots. Take all these vegetables and cut them into pieces. You need to consume this salad on regular basis to extract the best benefits. You will be amazed to know that this home remedy can help you to get pure clean skin within few weeks.[2]

Detoxifying Salad

3. Yogurt

Yogurt can be used in various formats to gain its best benefits. Yogurt has rich source of vitamin C that will help to take care of the skin. You can either consume yogurt on regular basis to gain its results or can use it as face pack on the skin to maintain the skin from harmful skin problems.[3]


4. Dried Prunes

Dried prunes are the main source of many useful ingredients that are very much helpful to take care of the skin. Vitamin A is very much required for healthy skin. Dried prunes make sure to provide the required amount of vitamin A to the human body and thus avoid many kinds of skin ailments.[4]

Dried Prunes

5. Honey

Honey has deep source of properties that can be used to deal with skin problems. It has both antibacterial as well as skin healing properties and hence should be used to maintain skin. Application of honey as a face mask can be the best idea to deal with skin problems. Apply honey as mask on the face and then wash it water after some time.[5]


6. Lemon

Lemon is also considered as the best ingredient to clean the pores that are present on the skin. Lemon has acetic acid and vitamin C in it. Application of lemon juice on the skin will not only clean the pores but will also remove the excessive oils from the face. Always use the lemon juice to get pimple free skin that is clear.[6]


7. Nuts Salad

Nuts serve as the main source of vitamins and other minerals that are required to maintain the skin. It is also loaded with lots of essential fatty acids that can help to cleanse the entire body. Prepare a perfect breakfast by adding nuts along with apple. Consume this breakfast on regular basis to stay healthy and take care of the skin.[7]

Nuts Salad

8. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are used to deal with the problem of unhealthy skin. Simply smash down cucumbers and apply the paste on the skin. Keep it for some time and then wash it properly to get rid of acne and get proper skin.[8]


9. Milk

Milk has deep skin cleansing properties that will help to clean the skin and provide flawless skin. There are lots of vitamins and other essential ingredients present in milk that can clear the skin and provide perfect skin. Soak some milk with a cotton ball and apply it gently on the skin for few minutes. Repeat doing the process on a daily basis.[9]


10. Orange Peel

Orange peel is also the oldest kind of technique that is always used to get spot free skin. If you are really serious about the skin quality, use dry orange peel and make paste of it by adding water to it. Now apply the paste of the orange peel on the skin. Wait for some time and the clean the skin with pure water.[10]

Orange Peel

11. Mint juice

Mint juice also proves to become the best solution to deal with skin problems. Add little bit of turmeric powder to it and make paste of it. Apply the paste on the skin and allow it to dry. Wash the skin after few minutes and clean it. Keep repeating the process on regular basis.[11]

Mint juice

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.