12 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

Pink eye also known as conjunctivitis, is an eye syndrome in which the colour of the eye turns pink or appears reddish. It is caused due to infection in the inner part of the eye lids and the outer surface of the eyes. It brings a lot of discomfort to the person having this syndrome. The most common symptoms of this infection are redness coupled with itching sensation and tearing in the eyes. It is generally caused due to allergies or bacterial or viral infection; to put it plainly it affects the white part of the eye.

Here Are 12 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye

1. Cleaning The Eyes

Cleaning the eyes is an important remedy for pink eye. The way the eyes are cleaned is also an important remedial aspect. Cleaning should be done from inside to the outside. A clean surface should be used for every wipe to avoid wiped off particles going back to the eyes. It is advised that wipes are to be moved to trash or washcloths to be send to laundry immediately after use to control it from spreading.

Cleaning The Eyes

2. Removing Of Contact Lenses

The person suffering from pink eye should shift from contact lenses to wearing glasses till end of the symptoms. Make sure that the lenses are properly cleaned along with its case.

Removing Of Contact Lenses

3. Cold And Warm Compress

Cold or warm compresses may be used depending upon the situation. If the syndrome is caused by an allergic reaction then cold compress may help and if infection is the cause then a warm compress helps to reduce redness and swellings.

Cold And Warm Compress

4. Applying Non-Acidic Liquid To The Eyes

For babies, breast milk is the best solution. If a few drops of breast milk are applied to the infected eyes it works magically to eliminate the infection. This is equally applicable to the newborns. Another available solution is applying raw cow, goat milk drops or clear liquid part of yogurt to the eyes. The bacteria in it start to work immediately to eliminate the source of infection.

Applying Non-Acidic Liquid To The Eyes

5. Saline Wash

It is one of the commonly recommended home remedy solutions for pink eye syndrome. A cup of water is boiled with a half teaspoon of salt added to it. The liquid should be left to cool down completely before applying to the infected eyes. An eye dropper may be used to clean the eyes with salt water solution from time to time. It is advised to go for a fresh one after using it for two consecutive days to avoid bacterial contamination.

Saline Wash

6. Herbal Tea

It can be used as hot compresses. It can also be consumed orally in capsule or in the form of tea. It is useful for an eye irritation or inflammation condition. The tea can also be used in rinsing of the eyes. Salt can be added to the tea to add to the existing astringent quality of the poultice.

Herbal Tea

7. Colloidal Silver

The use of silver solutions for eye infections is not new. Until the creation of the established antibiotic ointments, silver nitrate drops were used to control certain type of bacterial infection. Silver nitrate being a combination of silver and nitric acid is known to cause irritation while colloidal silver contains only silver particles suspended in water and causes less irritation.

Colloidal Silver

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil applied on the upper eye lid overnight can be a source of relief for soreness and redness of the infected eye.

Coconut Oil

9. Honey

Honey is believed to possess good healing properties. Numerous studies have pointed to the fact that it helps to reduce bacterial growth found in and around the eyes. It is known to be an effective remedial measure for dry eyes. It has certain antimicrobial action against a wide range of bacteria and fungi proved both in laboratory studies and in humans. Any locally available organically raised honey can be used in this case.


10. Applying Ice

Ice is commonly available item in any household. It can be used by holding it over the eyes wrapped in clean tissue or a soft cloth. It gives a temporary relief to the patient.

Applying Ice

11. Applying Vinegar Mixed With Warm Water

One may add a tablespoon of vinegar in a cup of water, warm it before rubbing the eyelids of the infected eyes with cotton dipped in the solution.

Applying Vinegar Mixed With Warm Water

12. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is considered as a natural antibiotic. One may add turmeric powder and a pinch of salt to warm water and let it cool. A clean cloth is dipped in the solution, squeezed and placed over the infected eyes for 20 to 30 minutes to get some relief [1].

 Turmeric Powder

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.