14 Amazing Benefits Of Thyme Essential Oil

Amazing Benefits Of Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme essential oil is probably one of the best essential oils when it comes to dealing with some certain cases and many other health problems. Thyme herb is indeed an aromatic herb that is prominent in many parts of the Mediterranean region and can be counted as one of the most popular inclusion in many of the dishes of the local cuisine. Also the herb is used raw and even an essential oil can be prepared with the help of this aromatic plant that can be quite helpful and suit many purposes on the whole. his plant is a member of the mint family and known to be one of the most formidable natural medicines since ages. In this context, this article features some of the best health benefits that can be thoroughly acquired when this essential oil is included in our diet and all the medicines would definitely make you to consider this oil on the whole.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits Of Thyme Essential Oil

1. Handles Problems Of Indigestion

Thyme essential oil is popularly well known to handle many of the indigestion problems [1] . Sometimes, lack of proper digestion levels might get you in some troubles as many of the works from our daily routine have to be given due to these certain indigestion problems. When this happens in our daily life, there’s a lot of necessity to arrest the problem as quick as possible as this can even lead to several other complications as well. In this regard, opting for a suitable natural remedy can itself be one of the best ways as they are quite less known to get struck with many of the side effects and also thyme essential oil is known to serve the purpose a lot better than the usual which makes it a wonderful natural remedy. It is famed to possess many of the volatile oils in it that are prominent to handle some indigestion problems and even certain cases of intestinal cramps as well.


2. Deals With Respiratory Problems

At times, respiratory problems such as bronchitis to take a top notch and makes you feel a lot uncomfortable and hence there is a necessity to find out one of the best home remedies in this regard [2] . This is because prolonged respiratory problems might even pop out to be fatal at times and a natural remedy use might even get to lower the problems to a certain extent. Thyme oil can be used as a wonderful medication at those times and it is probably one of the best natural sources to handle bronchitis. In this regard, all one has to do is to simply include thyme tea regularly in your diet and this helps you to get rid of certain health problems like cough, sore throat etc. apart from bronchitis.


3. Handle The Problems Of Hypertension

Nowadays, hypertension has become quite common and one need not worry as there are high amounts of medication available to tackle the problems related to hypertension [3] . The only problem arises when this hypertension moves onto further stages and create many fatal problems and hence there’s an alarming need for a person to keep the levels of hypertension in check. Potassium is one such a vital nutrient of the body that is popularly known to maintain the heart healthy and keep the blood pressure under control. Thyme leaves are known to possess some high amounts of potassium in it which helps all the people who are actually suffering from the problems of hypertension and inclusion of thyme essential oil in your diet can make the problems occurred with the hypertension vanish on the whole.


4. Promotes Heart Health

Heart is the most vital and one of the restless organs of the body and there’s a lot of necessity for a person to take a lot of care about his heart health as a mild heart problem might even result in death at times [4] . Also the regular diet of an individual has to comprise of nutrients and foods that are indeed highly beneficial in promoting a healthy heart and in this regard, thyme essential oil can be highly helpful as it’s well known for many of its antioxidant and anti spasmodic properties that are actually helpful in protecting the heart from many of the cardiovascular diseases and further allow the cardiac valves, arteries and veins and other parts of the circulatory system to work in a high efficient manner than the usual. This is indeed one of the most desired condition and hence this thyme essential oil has to be included in our diet to experience these benefits.

Heart Health

5. Develops The Immunity System

Proper immunity system of the body is indeed high essential for a healthy sustenance of the individual and hence one must take proper diet where the foods have to be characterized to develop the immunity system of the body which get to protect the body from many of the deadly disease on the whole [5] . Thyme essential oil has some high amounts of anti oxidants in it which are actually necessary for eliminating the free radicals inside the body that are produced by the daily metabolism or even by some external sources. There are certain volatile oils in the thyme essential oil which are originally responsible for aiding the production of omega 3 fatty acids which are probably known to be the most vital fatty acids that help a lot in maintaining the person healthy. Also, the nutrients and the anti oxidants that are present in the thyme essential oil are highly responsible for protecting these fatty acids from damage.

Immunity System

6. Handles The Cases Of Anemia

Anemia is originally a disease that is mostly caused due to the deficiency of iron in the body where iron is probably one of the important minerals in the production of red blood cells in the body [6] . Anemia is characterized by the loss of red blood cells in the body which result in the improper oxygen supply to many of the body organs. hence thyme essential oil can be highly helpful in these cases as they are known to be quite rich in iron content and this enables a person to get relieved from anemia as quick as possible.


7. Promotes Bone Health

Certain nutrients that are highly essential for maintaining the levels of bone health are indeed vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and iron [7] . Surprisingly, all these nutrients are highly present in high amounts in thyme essential oil which makes it a wonderful natural remedy for handling certain bone diseases. Also, they induce proper development of the bones with the help of those minerals present in the oil and assist a lot in reducing the bone disorders to the maximum possible extent.

 Bone Health

8. High Anti Inflammatory Properties

Many of the researches have unveiled the fact that thyme essential oil is quite rich in some of the anti inflammatory properties, which assists a lot in reducing the inflammation at various parts of your body to the maximum possible extent all in all [8] .

Anti Inflammatory

9. Maintains Skin Health

Thyme oil is actually responsible for maintaining the skin health of the body by eliminating the bacteria that are responsible for many of the skin diseases [9] . Hence it’s highly recommended for a person to use thyme essential oil as a skin toner after getting it diluted with sufficient amounts of water.

Anti Inflammatory

10. Promotes Eye Health

Thyme oil is probably rich in vitamin A, a fat soluble vitamin and an anti oxidant which is highly responsible to promote the eye health and eliminate some of the diseases and infections that get to effect the eyes on the whole [10] .

Eye Health

11. Promotes Oral Health

Sometimes, the bacteria present on the teeth are actually responsible for many of the oral diseases including the bad breath [11] . Thyme essential oil can be highly helpful in such cases as they are prominent to deal with certain disease causing bacteria present of the teeth and eliminate them. Also calcium present in the oil can be helpful in building stronger teeth all in all.

Oral Health

12. Reduces Hair Thinning

Thyme essential oil can be one of the best available natural remedies that can handle the problems of hair thinning in a highly efficient manner and the nutrients and other minerals that are present in this essential oil play a vital role in reducing the hair loss as well combating with certain hair problems as well on the whole [12] .

 Hair Thinning

13. Induces Sleep

It is said that thyme tea when mixed with some amounts of honey can pop out to be highly helpful in certain cases as this natural source is perfectly known for some of  its sleep inducing properties as well as reduce the bad dream problem of children during nights and allows them to sleep well and comfortable [13] .


14. Diuretic Nature

The diuretic nature of the thyme essential oil is probably one of the foremost reasons why thyme tea is regularly included in the diet [14] . This diuretic nature of this essential oil help in removing some of the excessive salts, water and other dangerous toxins out of the body through increased urination and this process helps in maintaining the body balanced and free from many disease causing germs.

Diuretic Nature

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.