The Hidden Effects of Ragweed Allergens

Ragweed is a common weed that grows throughout the United States, but is most common in the northeast and midwest. It blooms towards the end of summer and continues to grow through the change into fall.  With the weed comes a very common allergy. Ragweed allergies are fairly common and can lead to a very uncomfortable situation.

Ragweed is usually found in rural areas and is more common among overgrown grass and plants.  It blends well with its surroundings and can sometimes go unnoticed. The part of the weed that produces the ragweed allergen is the pollen. The pollen is released from the plant and sent through the air to fertilize other buds. Since it is an airborne allergen, it is easily inhaled and can cause immediate symptoms. When the ragweed allergen is inhaled, the immune system mistakes it for a harmful substance. The immune system then takes control and attacks the allergen. This is when the symptoms come on.

The common ragweed allergy symptoms include sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, congestion, sore throat and swollen nasal cavity. These symptoms are miserable to deal with and getting relief is important. For mild symptoms, taking a decongestant will usually work. It will take away the congestion and itchy eyes and give you quick relief. However, if you suffer on a daily basis and get moderate to severe symptoms you will have to seek other treatments. Taking a daily antihistamine may work, along with nasal spray and eye drops. If you experience severe inflammation your doctor may prescribed an oral corticosteroid to help reduce the swelling and irritation. For people that suffer from severe ragweed allergies, getting allergy shots on a regular basis will help prevent the allergy symptoms for good.

When you are enjoying the end of summer warmth and dreading the coming of fall you want to be relaxed and happy. However, if you have ragweed allergies, you will be suffering instead. By knowing the symptoms and treatment available you can prevent the ragweed allergies from running your life. So get the treatment you need and enjoy the warm weather before it’s gone.

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