5 Amazing Home Remedies For Common Digestive Disorders

Common Digestive DisordersIrrespective of gender, digestive disorder is becoming a very common problem with the increasing adulteration day by day. We are unable to judge the quality of food and vegetables we are consuming. This leads to various types of common digestive disorders. We tend to suffering from these almost all through the year without giving proper attention to them. We should always take these digestive disorders seriously and cure them at the initial stage itself so that we do not develop a chronic ailment.

There are many medicines available in the medical store which can be used when we encounter the problem of digestion. But, it is not wise to use medicines every time. Thus, it is better to cure the problem naturally with the help of home remedies. These home remedies are not only effective but also 100% safe. Below, I will list down a few home remedies for common digestive disorders.

Common Digestive Disorders Home Remedies

Carom Seeds, Ginger And Garlic

These are the natural ingredients which help in curing the problem permanently. You need to grind 1 teaspoon of carom seed into a smooth paste. Take half inch of ginger and 4 cloves of raw garlic. Grind them into a smooth paste and mix all the three ingredients nicely.


Now squeeze in the juice of half lemon into the mixture and mix well. You need to take this preparation 3 times a day for best result. You will be able to observe the improvement within a few days itself. Continue with this procedure for about a month for complete recovery.


This is one of the oldest home remedy to solve any kind of ailment related to digestion. Take a container and warm up a glass of water in it. Add 1 tablespoon of isabgol into it and steep it for 10 minutes. Stir well and drink it before going to bed in the night. You should drink one glass every night for a month for getting the desired result. Isabgol helps to improve the digestive system permanently if taken on daily basis. This home remedy is worth to be opted for.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in many kinds of essential minerals and good bacteria. You can get fresh aloe vera juice from the herbal counter and drink one glass of it everyday in the morning. You may also mix 2 teaspoons of aloe vera juice in a glass of fresh fruit juice for utilizing its property.

Aloe Vera

You need to follow this regime for minimum 2 months to get complete relief from the problem of digestive disorder. Aloe vera helps in rebuilding the good bacteria in the digestive system which in turn makes us recover.

Asafoetida Powder

Asafoetida powder is also known as Hing in India and is very readily available in our kitchens. We can use Hing as a rectifier in the case of digestive disorders. All you need to do is that boil a glass of water nicely and add half a teaspoon of asafoetida powder into it.

Stir well and drink it in the morning before breakfast. You need to drink it again in the evening. This is an effective home remedy if adopted twice a day for a week. This will give you remarkable improvement within 2 days itself.

Ginger Tea / Fennel Tea

Take a cup of water and boil it nicely. Add few pieces of thrashed ginger into it and steep it for about 5 to 6 minutes. Later, strain out the tea and sip it down. You can follow the same process with the fennel seeds and prepare a soothing tea.

Ginger Tea

You can drink 2 cups of ginger tea or 2 cups of fennel tea in a day for a week for fast recovery. This will metabolize the digestive system and help you in getting relief from the common digestive disorders. The choice of the tea depends upon your taste; however, both have the same beneficial effect.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.