5 Amazing Ways To Cope With Postpartum Depression

Ways To Cope With Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is also called as post natal depression. The crying spells, anxiety, mood swings etc experienced by the mom soon after delivery is the postpartum depression. But some moms have really severe depression too. Here are some amazing ways to help you cope up with postpartum depression.

1. Talk It Out

The best person to talk it out with would be your doctor. If you recognise in yourself any signs of depression, narrate it to your doctor. Any symptoms of distress discuss it with your doctor from the beginning. You could also share your private fears or worries with your husband, a friend, a family member, in fact any person very close to you. Sharing your fears and worries will take a load off your mind. They will be able to understand you and help you with your problems. They would also be in a position to get you medical help whenever needed.

Talk It Out

2. Set Realistic Expectations

Motherhood brings a lot of physical changes in your body. You might be feeling exhausted after all the events accompanying birthing a baby. To this is added the trouble of adjusting your daily routine. You may feel like you are not in control of your activities. The house is a mess, the laundry still not done etc. The key to solving this is to set realistic expectations. You must learn to be flexible. Concentrate on the most important task before you and work your way through it. Don’t expect to be perfect in all of this. You could also try to picture motherhood as a job. You can work out your routine in a while when you learn to understand the rhythm of your baby.

Set Realistic Expectations

3. Practice Relaxation Techniques

It is not easy to be a mother. Your newborn is completely dependent on you. The baby demands to be fed, the nappy changed, wakes up often etc. You are likely to find yourself exhausted and frustrated even. But you need to get control over your anger and your worries. You have to try to be as calm as possible. A newborn responds much better to a calm mother. Practicing some relaxation techniques will help you tide over your anger and your frustration. Practice some meditation. Listen to calming music while feeding your baby. Do some deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed. It is beneficial to listen to mood uplifting talks when possible. A brisk walk, getting some fresh air or just enjoying the nature could relax you. Take care not to indulge in heavy exercises without the advice of your doctor.

Practice Relaxation Techniques

4. Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Our body has needs that needs to be met. It is extremely important that your body gets the required amount of sleep. It is better to be less sleep deprived so that you feel less depressed. The best time to get some precious sleep would be while the baby is sleeping. Set aside all the chores and just hit the bed. You might require the help of your friends or family to sort it all out.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

5. Get Help

There is no doubt that you will need help after delivery. The physical exhaustion together with the new responsibilities may be a lot for a single person to help. Maybe all you need is a friendly ear to share your worries with. As mentioned earlier, talk it out. Or you may need help to give you some spare time to catch up on your sleep or to get a breath of fresh air. Do not hesitate to ask for help. You could also bond with other new moms where you could air out your fears, get some friendly advice for your problems or just understand how they cope up in similar situations. It is definitely going to help you getting rid of some of your stress.

Get Help

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