5 Astounding Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Nose!

Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Nose!

Who doesn’t want to rejoice a blemish and spot free skin? Many a times, you may encountered this situation when talking about a perfect skin care regimen we often tends to follow asymmetrical skin care protocols to our entire body parts. As for instance, while hydrating our facial skin, we prefer to use same moisturizing agents both for the facial skin and skin under the eyes, which is technically wrong because both these regions have varying delicacies hence it requires different skin care. Likewise, the scrub which is used on face for eliminating dead skin cells should be different from the one that is used on our body.

In a similar context, for the nose, we optimally prefer to use the same scrub, cleanser and masks that we prefer to use on our face but mind it friends, if you facing some severe skin issues like prominent dark spots on the nose, then the way you are following the skin care regime for evicting dark spots from your face will not be applicable on the nose. What is preferably recommended here is to incorporate some different strategic and remedial procedure for get rid of these dark spots on your nose in a most commendable manner.

Here Are Some Astounding Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Nose:

1. Application Of Vitamin E Oil:

This is usually one of the most effective remedies for getting rid of dark spots on your nose. Since, vitamin E oil is enriched with enormous anti-oxidants that commendably aids in fighting off with free radicals present on the skin and that are usually the reason for various skin impairments. Alongside, it also goes a long way in revamping the damaged skin cells besides assigning a natural radiance on your face.

What you are required to do is to take one Vitamin E oil capsule and then puncture it with a sharp in, so as to extract its oil. Then massage this oil on your nose for about 5 minutes. Prefer to keep it overnight. Then wash it off with normal water in the morning. For optimum results, try to follow this home remedy at least thrice a week.

Vitamin E oil

2. Amalgamated Paste Of Buttermilk And Tomato Juice:

Since, it has been figured out by a research that buttermilk contains certain enzymes and lactic acid that goes a long way in diminishing the dark spots present on our nose or skin. Not only this, it incredibly aids in overcoming pigmentation in as significant manner.

What you are required to do is to prepare an amalgamated paste of about 2 tablespoons of buttermilk and 1 teaspoon of tomato extract. Combine both the ingredients well and then using a cotton wool, apply this paste on your nose. Let it be on it for about 4-5 minutes and then generously rubbing it with wet hands, so as to exfoliate it gently. Thereafter, wash it off with fresh water and superbly see the difference in the presence of dark spots on your skin.

Buttermilk And Tomato Juice

3. Amalgamated Paste of Saffron And Raw Milk:

Another most outstanding home remedy that goes a long way in getting rid of dark spots on nose is the application of amalgamated paste of saffron strands and raw milk on the affected area. Since saffron contains an effective ingredient that goes a long way in eliminating all the dark spots present on your nose or skin.

For preparing this mask, just take 2 teaspoons of raw milk and about 4-5 strands of saffron. Mix both the contents with a spatula and then by using a soft cotton wool, dab this paste on your nose and let it be on for about 5-10 minutes. After the stipulated time frame is over, rinse it off with fresh water.

Saffron And Raw Milk

4. Amalgamated Paste Of Fuller’s Earth And Honey:

What to say about this astounding home remedy for getting rid of dark spots on the nose. Presence of honey in this paste makes your skin highly nourished while fuller’s earth plays a potent role in lightening the skin tone or any specific area where you will apply it in a commendable manner.

To prepare this mask, just combine half teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of fuller’s earth and few drops of lemon to make a fine and consistent paste. Then apply this paste on your nose and leave it for 10-12 minutes. Then wash it off with fresh water.

Fuller’s Earth And Honey

5. Application Of Potato Juice:

Potato is well known for its bleaching properties. Hence regular application of the potato juice on the dark spots on nose, will definitely lightens-up the skin tone besides evicting the dark spots from your nose in a significant manner.

To follow up this home remedy, just extract the juice of one potato and then dab it with a cotton wool on your nose. Let it get dried off and then wash it off with fresh water.

Potato Juice

This is all about 5 astounding home remedies to get rid of dark spots on nose.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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