5 Beneficial Natural Cures For Nephritis

NephritisNephritis is described as a grave kidney disorder that can be acute or chronic condition. The kidneys will be inflamed followed by critical pain. Mostly if you’re in childhood or in young age, you will probably to undergo this problem. In acute nephritis the pain in the kidneys can move towards the ureter, back pain, swelling in ankles and feet, fever, puffiness of face and urine trouble.

Your urine can become highly colored and sparse too. When this stage turns to chronic, huge amounts of albumin is bypassed via urine. You can also endure high blood pressure, recurrent urination and also grow uremia. Nephritis can develop because of extreme use of alcohol intake, incorrect diet, stomach disorder and use of chemical substances for healing indigestion.

It is compulsory to treat this condition in the initial phase; otherwise nephritis will become bad and affect you severely. Along with doctor’s medications you should use natural cures too that can work wonders in treatment. We’ve mentioned 5 beneficial natural cures for nephritis.

Natural Cures For Nephritis


As bananas have higher amount of carbohydrates and less protein and salt, they act valuable to cure the nephritis. Thus you should eat six to seven bananas in your diet per day for three days continuously.


You can even mash the bananas and add it in a bowl of milk and a bit of sugar to it. Consume it in all your meals for 3 to 4 days and lower your nephritis problem.

Juicy Fruits

Juicy fruits are productive in fending off the nephritis. With an interval of five hours in a day you can have juicy fruits of your preference like grapes, oranges, apples, pears and pineapple. Then the patient can move on to fresh fruits in diet.


Vegetables are a good source for getting rid of nephritis easily. Your diet should include parsley, garlic, asparagus, watercress, celery and cucumber.


You can even go for a short vegetable juice fasting for a phase of 9 days till the main symptoms of nephritis drops down. You can take carrot, cucumber or celery and prepare its juices, and drink 2 glasses till the period you recover fully from nephritis.


Carrot is considered as yet another useful remedy for the treatment of nephritis. You have to first make carrot juice in a mixer. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey to a glassful of carrot juice and stir it well. Before having breakfast you can have this juice in the morning daily.


Milk has a great hand in healing the nephritis that you’re suffering from. Milk is rich in protein that penetrates into the body via the walls of intestinal tract. When taken, the protein in the milk and milk type varieties help in preventing the symptoms related to nephritis and cause you problems.


You can add a small amount of soured milk that can be included in your morning breakfast. You can even make cottage cheese at home and eat it once a day. Raw goat’s milk is most preferred which you can drink one full glass for 6 days after the intake of fruit diet.

Outdoor Exercises

A nephritis patient should perform outdoor exercises at least for once regularly; two times will be even better. They should walk for almost four kilometers and do light exercises per day in fresh air.

There’s no need to exert them much in any work they execute. They should not hurry at all or get excited, or work for late hours. Therefore you can apply the above natural cures immediately to stay away from nephritis.

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