5 Effective Herbal Remedies For Cystic Acne

Herbal Remedies For Cystic Acne

Acne breakouts are common in teenagers and young adults. However, if you get large and painful breakout, known as cystic acne, it tends to linger for months and in some cases even for years. Unlike the common breakouts, cystic acne does not clear naturally. It usually leaves a permanent scar. It is triggered by the hormones called androgens. They stimulate the sebaceous glands, which makes the skin excessive oily and prone to breakout. Herbal remedies are often found to be effective in clearing the cystic acne.

They Help In Balancing The Hormones And Killing The Acne-Causing Bacteria:

1. Commiphora Wightii

Commiphora wightii, commonly known as guggul, is known to help in clearing stubborn cystic acne. Guggulsterones, the active constituents of the herb, are believed to help in reducing the lesions. According to a study, guggul extract is as effective as the drug tetracycline in reducing the cystic acne lesions. To get rid of the cystic acne lesion, you can take 500mg of Commiphora wightii extract containing 25mg of guggulsterone (1).

Commiphora Wightii

2. Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto can help in providing relief from cystic acne. It works by suppressing excess production of the androgen hormones that are responsible for stimulating the sebaceous glands, leading to cystic acne. By helping in restoring the hormonal balance, saw palmetto can help people prone to cystic acne (2).

Saw Palmetto

3. Burdock Root

Burdock root helps in purifying the blood. Excessive buildup of toxic wastes in the blood worsens skin problems. To fight cystic acne, dilute half a teaspoon of burdock tincture with some water and take it once to three times a day. You can even drink one to two cups of burdock root tea daily to fight cystic acne (3).

Burdock Root

4. Goldenseal

Toxins accumulating in the blood are known to impair metabolism of zinc, which leads to skin problems such as cystic acne. Goldenseal helps in reducing toxicity of the blood and assists in destroying the harmful bacteria that are responsible for infecting the hair follicles. To fight cystic acne, drink a cup of goldenseal tea prepared by steeping a teaspoon of dried goldenseal root in a cup of boiling water (4).


5. Comfrey

Poultice prepared with comfrey roots when applied to the cystic acne helps in reducing the pain and inflammation. Comfrey roots contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help in minimizing the acne lesions when used topically (5).


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