5 Effective Home Remedies For Fractures

FracturesA crack or complete breakage of bone is known as a fracture. It usually results because of a sudden trauma to the bone or it becomes really frequent in osteoporotic bones. Fractures can cause swelling, pain and tenderness in the affected areas. You need to visit an orthopaedic doctor as soon as the fracture has happened because the casting and probable surgery cannot be carried out at home.

The healing period of the fracture takes about 5 to 6 weeks depending on the area affected. Fractures are quite common with young children and old adults because bone mass is low. Intake of calcium should be increased at the time of healing because the union of bones during the healing requires a lot of calcium. Here are some other home remedies you can practice to help a fracture heal faster:

Home Remedies For Fractures


It contains an enzyme called Bromelain that assists in bringing down the swelling and inflammation. Make sure you eat half a pineapple every day until the cast is present which will be about a few weeks.


Stay away from canned pineapples because since they are preserved, they won’t have the same quantity of the enzyme. If you don’t like pineapples, you can also take Bromelain supplements for a few weeks.

Avoid Phosphorus

Phosphorus leads to reduction in bone mass so you should avoid that for a few weeks. High levels of phosphorus are found in canned foods or preserved foods. Phosphorus is also found in cheese, salmon fish, shellfish, pork, beef and soya foods. These must be avoided as far as possible, atleast till the cast has been taken off.

Avoid Red Meat And Caffeine

These are some other agents that cause reduction in bone mass. You can avoid your daily coffee intake for a few weeks until you get better.


Instead stick to fresh fruits and vegetables. They give you good calcium content which will help your bone to heal faster and better.

Milk And Eggs

It is crucial that you consume a lot of milk and eggs during your healing period. The union of your bones will become faster and stronger because of the available calcium in your system. Every bone needs its calcium to heal and unless you don’t have calcium rich diet filled with eggs and milk, the new formation of the bone will be weak and prone to further damage.


Vitamin D also becomes essential if you have osteoporotic bones. You could opt for vitamin D supplements which are easily available in the local chemist shops. Another way to absorb Vitamin D is to sit under early morning sun.


This is another agent that helps promote healing and repair of fractured bones. Make sure you have a daily supplement of zinc along with fresh foods that are rich in zinc. Zinc will accelerate the union of your bones and also act on other problems like pain, swelling and the inflammation.

Zinc rich foods include oysters, spinach, pumpkin, cashews and beans. This must be included atleast in small quantities as a part of your daily diet.

Photo Credit: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/understanding-fractures-basic-information

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