5 Health Hazards Of Stress On Your Body!

Health Hazards Of Stress On Your Body!

These days stress has become almost a part and parcel of our life. In a most precise way, stress can be categorized as one’s physical and mental response to his life experiences. Everyone experience stress in his routine life. Some of the potent factors, that ultimately results in stress include some personal factors, official stress, death of some of your loved one, health ailments and many more.

Medically it has been analyzed that our body reacts to stressful conditions by secreting hormones that tends to enhance your breathing rates and heart beats in a incredible way and makes your muscles to react accordingly. Thus, it is optimally required that all the stressful conditions you be monitored and controlled, since its elevated level can pose innumerable hazards on your body. Some of the prominent symptoms of stress include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability in behaviour, extreme headache and many more.

Emphasized Below Are Some Of The Incredible Health Hazards Of Stress On Your Body:

1. Obesity:

One of the most adverse effects of stress on your body is Obesity. Usually, most of the people share this viewpoint that while they feel stressed out, then they will tend to feel more cravings for food and which makes them to eat more, which they will feel will depreciate the level of stress on your body. But this is a myth in totality. According to a recent Health survey, our body tends to secret a hormone termed as Cortisol under the extreme stressful conditions, that enhance the food cravings in your body and makes you eat more. That is the reason, when targeted by stress; an individual tends to gain more body weight and hence becomes obese.

To keep your body-weight in equilibrium, try to include healthy food in your diet chart, which precisely includes green veggies, salad and fresh fruits. Besides this, prefer to cook your homemade recipes and put a cut down on the ready-made or junk foods in a commendable manner.


2. Damage Your Heart:

Another most hazardous effect of stress on your health is its adverse effect on the cardiovascular health. It inexplicably enhances the possibility of heart attacks and various ailments. Usually the enhanced level in the stress is the one that makes your heart to beat faster and as a consequence of which the pressure gets accumulated on the arteries, thus resulting in the commendable hike in the level of your blood pressure. Besides this, the way you lead life is another most optimum factor that influences the level of stress in a considerable way.

To keep your Heart hale and hearty, do make it a part of your routine regime to go for regular-health check-ups and refrain yourself from un-healthy lifestyle that implies to drinking alcohol, smoking, consuming tobacco and many more.


3. Sleeping Patterns:

Over-stressful conditions are often responsible for improper sleeping patterns and tend to pose instability in your sleeping cycle. Having a proper and sound sleep basically enables to calm down your nervous system, thus making your relaxed and comfortable. On the contrary, if doesn’t get a sound sleep, then this will definitely affects his sleeping patterns and thus resulting in an agitated behaviour which thus adversely affects your work-performance.

To get a complete sleep, try to do some meditation before hitting the bed. You can also opt for listening to a soft music or prefer reading some novel that besides calming your nerves offers you a sound and complete sleep in a commendable manner.

 Sleeping Patterns

4. Headaches:

Among all the hazardous effects of stress, headache is one such prominent factor that severely affects your health. A recent study has come up with this conclusion that excessive stress levels triggers the tensions in your muscles that usually remain for longer durations and hence resulting in migraines. This immensity on your head can then adversely affect your physical health as well, if certain suggestive measures are not followed appropriately. Nevertheless, this pain from your head then migrates towards the eyes and then towards the neck portions in a commendable manner.

To keep your headache due to stress in control, try to take an intermediate breaks between your work-routine and practice some breathing exercises in the open air, soa s to calm down your nervous system and keeping headaches at bay.


5. Hair Loss:

This fact may amaze you, but this is very much true that extensive stress may have direct impact on the growth of the hair as well as on your hair follicles at large. Any internal or external prevailing stressful conditions tends to have an adverse impact on your hair , thus making them weak and damaged and hence resulting in hair loss, which is appropriately termed as Alopecia in a medical terminology.

According to health experts, once all the stressful conditions phases out from your life, then all the conditions leading to hair loss gets controlled significantly and hence bring back your proper and healthy hairs to normalcy.

 Hair Loss

So, guys don’t take all these hazardous conditions lightly. Try to follow optimal strategies for keeping the stress levels under control and before the conditions worsens and goes out of control, don’t forget to consult the medical practitioner at large.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.