5 Home Remedies For Piles

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Piles has now become one of the most common problem in the entire planet and it even turned out to strike most of the persons at some point of time in their life. This is even called hemorrhoids where the veins in the rectum and get swollen and trouble which in turn causes pain and discomfort in the anus region. Sometimes this is usually caused by bowel movements and pregnancy. Many reports suggest that Piles can even occur due to obesity. In other words the chance of acquiring this disease in an obese person is a bit quite high when compared to that of a normal one. This is identified as a chronic disease and can also last for years. This can cause bleeding and itching at times highly. This article features some of the top natural home remedies that can prove to be a lot worthy in handling piles.

Some Of The Home Remedies For Piles:

1. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can be the best available natural remedy for piles due to its properties [1] . This salt indeed assists a lot in soothing the irritation that is usually caused due to this chronic disease. A bath with warm water that is thoroughly mixed with epsom salt can get you to relieve from the irritating aches instantly as per many reports. In this regard, one has to take a small tub and take a warm bath for about half an hour for every bowel movement. This process can even get you to relieve from pain and the sensations of itching.

Epsom Salt

2. Aloe Vera

Among the numerous health benefits of Aloe Vera, handling Piles can be counted as an effective one and this is solely due to its medication properties and very minute side effects. Aloe Vera has a lot of anti inflammatory properties that can pop out to be a lot worthy especially during such conditions. This helps to reduce the inflammation caused due to hemorrhoids and only pure aloe vera gel is recommended in this regard [2] . Also it has to be noted that many individuals are actually allergic to aloe vera and this has to be confirmed before opting for this natural remedy.


Aloe Vera

3. Loose Clothing

Sometimes clothing does play a major role in reducing the extent of hemorrhoids and in this regard loose clothing assist a lot. This is because loose close helps in maintaining the anal area quite clean and dry and reduce the irritating sensations to a large extent. Also , cotton clothing is highly recommended over the polyester ones as cotton helps in keeping the area a lot dry than the usual. Also proper care must be taken regarding the inner garments and using cotton underwear can serve the purpose a lot better. It is also highly advisable to stop using some aromatic detergents and only clean and well known brands of washing soaps have to be used.

Loose Clothing

4. Light Dinner

Dinner is indeed a part of our diet and has to be kept quite light and this is solely to avoid constipation which can in turn ease the levels of piles.

 Light Dinner

5. More Consumption Of Water

Excess consumption of water is quite beneficial at such times as they are quite well known to handle such cases and this is because it lubricates the bowel movement and reduce the intensity of pain in the body.

Consumption Of Water

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.