5 Incredible And Effective Exercises To Keep Shoulder Pain At Bay

Incredible And Effective Exercises To Keep Shoulder Pain At Bay

In a Medical Terminology, Stiffness or Pain in shoulders is also referred to as ‘Frozen Shoulder’. This is a common issue faced by most of the people these days and this article is all about the 5 most incredible and effective exercises that keeps shoulder pain at bay. All these exercises are quite simple to perform and you can do them well right sitting at the comfort of your home. Most of the exercise which are going to discuss are Stretching exercises which are usually safe to carry out but still it is severely suggested that you should consult your Medical Practitioner for once before carrying out these exercises at large.

Here Are Some Of The Incredible And Effective Exercises To Keep Shoulder Pain At Bay:

1. Lateral Raises:

To do this simple stretching exercise, you are required to clasp 2 light-weighted dumb-bells in your both hands. Now, just stand in a straight position while placing both of your hands quite freely sideways. In case, you will be experiencing severe pain in your shoulders while holding the dumb-bells, then the simple rule of thumb is to keep to fists as tight as you can however just hold on the thumb in an outward mode. Then, just initiate lifting both your arms in the upward direction till they reach to the level of your shoulder. Don’t try to exert too much lifting pressure beyond this level, as it may tend to cause a lot of discomfort to your shoulder. Try to hold on this position for at least 3-4 seconds followed by pulling down the arms in the initial position in a moderate manner.

Lateral Raises

2. Resistance- Band Pull Back:

This is another most incredible ad efficient stretching exercise to keep your shoulder pain at bay. You can significantly follow up this stretching exercise while you are in a standing position or by sitting on your knees. However, whatever position you will opt, it’s entirely up to you but don’t forget to keep your backbone in a firm and straight position. Next, just clasp a resistance band on both of your hands, which is usually knotted to an immobile object. Then, try to wrench both of your hands in a backward position as much as you can , more appropriately in such a way that your shoulders tends to get stretched besides exerting a significant pressure on the shoulder-blades. Hold on this position for about 3-4 seconds. Then just move our hands back to the initial locus and do make a recurrent repetition of tis stretching exercise 5-6 more times, to keep shoulder pain at bay.

Resistance- Band Pull Back

3. Shoulder Blade Squeeze:

This is also one of the most prominent and simple stretching exercise for getting away with shoulder pain. Quite easy to follow this exercise can be done in both the standing as well as sitting position of your body. So, irrespective of your sitting or standing position, try to keep your chin tucked-in and then gradually try to move both of your hands after your back in such a way, that you will experience some sort of stretch on your shoulder blades. Try to hold on this position for at least 5-6 seconds and then slowly-slowly return to your initial locus. To get optimum results, try to perform this stretching exercise in 5 sets with at least 10 repetitions in each set at large.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

4. Shoulder Blade Shrug:

This is also an amazing and quite an optimal exercise for shoulder pain. This can also be follow up either in standing or sitting position significantly but still it is recommended to follow –up this exercise in a standing position. What you are required to do is to stand in a straight position despite keeping your neck and backbone in a stiff and rigid position. Next, try to move both of your shoulders simultaneously in an up-ward direction, resembling a shrug appearance. Hold on this position for at least 5-6 second in a commendable manner, before getting back to your initial position at large. Repeat this stretching exercise in 5 sets with at least 5-6 repetitions in each set. Alternatively, you can also do this exercise by involving only one shoulder at a time.

Shoulder Blade Shrug

5. Towel Stretch:

As the name suggest, this stretching exercise can exclusively done by using a prop towel. To begin this exercise, you are required to take hold of a towel which is about 5 feet’s in length. Now, hold firmly the one end of the towel with your one hand quite significantly and then try to grasp the other end of the towel with your other hand by pulling it from back-side. During the initial phase, you can keep your hands straight facing the ground. Similarly, perform the similar pattern of the stretching exercise with your opposite hand and do it optimally for 10-15 minutes on a recurrent manner.

Towel Stretch

This is all about the most incredible and effective stretching exercises that will surely keep your shoulder pain at a distance.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.