5 Major Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Symptoms

Obsessive Compulsive DisorderObsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety driven problem, which is characterized by disturbing thoughts that leads to apprehension, uneasiness, worry and compulsions.

Many times a patient suffering from this disorder demonstrate repetitive behaviors, in order to minimize the associated anxiety. Some of the common symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder are excessive washing and cleaning, sexual preoccupation, religious thoughts, and obsessive relationships.

These symptoms are not only medically problematic but are also time consuming and alienating. It may also cause financial and emotional sufferings. This disorder can affect both children and adults. The compulsive and obsessive behaviors provide temporary relief to the people suffering from this disorder and not performing these activities may increase their anxiety.

Many times, people suffering from this disorder realize that their compulsive and obsessive behavior is irrational and may get more distressed upon this realization.

Major Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Anxiety is the most important symptom of Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. A person with obsessive compulsive disorder often keeps thinking about negative things that may happen. In addition, the overall feeling of sadness may surround the OCD patient.


You may think that something bad may happen with you if you don’t perform a specific ritual like repeatedly checking if the stove is switched off, the door is locked and whether you have taken important papers or not. If you stop yourself from performing these rituals, you may suddenly be surrounded by anxiety and a terrible sense of fear.

Obsessive Thoughts

In OCD, you may often get obsessive thoughts, which could make you anxious. Some people have obsessive thoughts about being perfect in everything they do, over concern about body odor, hair style, looks, dress or status in the society. Many OCD patients have obsessions about certain words, sounds and counting numbers.

Compulsive Behaviors

Compulsive behavior is also one of the main symptoms of OCD. Many people demonstrate obsessions about the fear of germs and thus they believe in washing their hands for a very long time. Even if they think that their act of washing hands for long hours is weird, still they cannot convince themselves to stop this habit.

washing hands with antiseptic soap

In addition, you may notice OCD patients may check their zip a lot of time, brush their teeth for a very long time and clean the house even when others find it clean already. It’s their mind that compels the person in believing that the compulsive behavior is a requirement and cannot be avoided, as it gives them satisfaction.

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Suicidal Feelings

People suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder may have feelings of worthlessness, which can make them take suicidal attempts. They may think that nobody loves them anymore and they cannot achieve anything in life. The feeling of being a loser can lead to extreme sadness and over a period of time lead to suicide.



Depression is also a very significant symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. People with anxiety and compulsive behavior easily become depressed about things in life. They fail to find happiness in anything and often isolate themselves from their family and friends to overcome their low self esteem.

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