5 Natural Cures For Insomnia

InsomniaInsomnia refers to sleep disorder which involves difficulty in falling asleep or having a sound sleep. Common reasons behind insomnia include psychological disorders, sedentary lifestyle, depression, anxiety, premenstrual syndrome and neurological disorders. Insomnia can be temporary or acute.

Temporary insomnia exist over a period of a few days, whereas acute insomnia is experienced over months. It is important that the underlying causes of insomnia are determined and steps taken towards alleviating those issues. In most of the cases, sleeping pills are prescribed for this condition but they carry high risk of addiction and side effects. This feature aims to introduce the readers to simple natural cures that can help in treating this condition.

Insomnia Natural Cures

Yoga & Exercises

A tired body can rest better and this is the same logic that works for insomnia as well. Indulge in mild to heavy exercises in the evening. Taking up a sport like swimming, basketball, badminton or tennis exhaust the body and is beneficial on health front as well.


Yoga, on the other hand is a complete regimen of healthy body and mind. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression ridden insomnia then yoga can help you through meditation and breathing techniques. It helps in calming the agitated mind. Both these activities can help you get good night sleep.

Sleep Hygiene

The first step is uncluttering your bed room and using it exclusively for sleeping. Throw the television, laptop etc out of your bedroom. Keep the lighting mild and go to sleep at same time everyday. Make a sleep time ritual like taking bath or reading a book followed by listening to mild music.

These steps when followed everyday regularly, condition your mind into sleeping when these ritualistic activities are done. Have your meals at least 1 1/2 hour before the designated sleep time and try not to drink water between this time as trips to washroom can disturb the sleep immensely.

Chamomile Tea

This tea has mild sedative property. This is why it works beautifully in cases of insomnia induced by anxiety. The very property that makes it a sedative also helps in calming the mind.

Chamomile Tea

You can try having a warm cup of this tea right before the bed time. People who suffer from mild insomnia frequently or are prone to anxiety must try this remedy instead of popping the pill.

Aroma Therapy

Our body is scent friendly and our senses react to different smells in different ways. Some aromas can help in putting you in comfortable state of mind, these mainly include vanilla and lavender. Mix a few drops of vanilla or lavender essential oil in warm bath water and lay in it for sometime.

You can also light up the incense sticks or hang a potpourri in your bedroom for the desired aroma. Your mind will start associating that particular aroma with sleep and help you sleep better.

Valerian Root

It is a traditional western remedy for anxiety and sleep related disorders. Valerian root contains valepotriates that act as muscle relaxers and sedatives. You can roughly crush the Valerian root and boil it in water. Consume this tea half an hour before the bed time.

Valerian Root

There are many species of Valerian herb and that is why it is important that you refer to a ayurveda practitioner for the dosage as it is a key for an effective cure for insomnia.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.