5 Natural Remedies For Nail Biting

Nail biting is a very common problem in adults as well as in children. Normally, we refer this to be a bad habit that makes our hands look untidy and rough. One bad thing about nail biting is that if you do it frequently, you might damage your nails, teeth or even your gums. But this isn’t a problem that cannot be solved. All you need to do is to follow some steps regularly and see the changes that you will experience. Take a look at these 5 home remedies that will help you to get rid of nail biting habit:

Here Are 5 Natural Remedies For Nail Biting

1. Maintain Healthy Nails

This is the foremost thing you should do right away. Keeping a note of your hygiene and maintaining cleaner nails is the first step to stay healthy. Manicure your nails regularly, clean them frequently and make sure you don’t get even a bit of dirt in them.

Maintain Healthy Nails

2. Keep Short Nails

Trimming your nails can be a good treatment as keeping longer nails will prompt you to bite them more and more. Visit your manicure expert and get your nails trimmed, neat and tidy. This will help you to get rid of this bad habit easily.

Keep Short Nails

3. Apply Nail Paints

This is one of the best solutions you have. Coat your nails with your favorite nail paint and then you won’t bite your nail in order to protect your nail paint as you wouldn’t want to ruin your manicure. If your habit of nail biting is getting worst, use a bitter nail paint that will strict you from even bringing your nails to your mouth.

Apply Nail Paints

4. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Basically, people bite their nails out of hunger, anxiety and when they are worried. However, once you start on a healthy diet, you’d feel healthier. Eat calcium and magnesium as these minerals help your nails to grow well.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

5. Garlic

Use garlic to rub on your nails in order to prevent yourself from biting them. Garlic has an unusual taste that will help you to avoid biting. One good thing about garlic, it helps your nails to grow healthier too.

garlic to rub on your nails

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