5 Prominent Alarming Signs That Indicates You Are Not Drinking Enough Water!

Alarming Signs That Indicates You Are Not Drinking Enough Water!

It is rightly said that it is possible for a living being to survive without food for so many days but one can’t survive without drinking water. Research has already concluded this fact that our body is composed of 2/3 fraction of water. This, thus implies to the simple fact that every single cell and body organ in the human body is dependent on water for its existence. Water basically acts as a emollient for our body.

So, it is optimally recommended that one should intake a least 7-8 glasses of water on routine basis. It has been recently surveyed that imbalance in the consumption of water tends to make you dehydrated along with making you a target of innumerable health disorders at large. Many a times, you may noticed that often a lot of individuals prefer to drink water only when they that they are thirsty, which thus tends to pose innumerable health hazards. This article precisely deals with the various alarming signs that your body may sends you indicating that it is feeling scarcity of water.

Here Are Some Of The Prominent Alarming Signs That Indicates You Are Not Drinking Enough Water:

1 Dry Mouth:

This is one of the prominent alarming sign that your body is not getting sufficient quantity of water. Since, it is a known fact at our body precisely requires sufficient quantity of water that aids significantly in the formation of saliva. If this will not happen then this will significantly hamper the formation of the saliva thus leading to the drying of mouth in an incredible way. Not only this, comes the fact that a sound formation of saliva aids in keeping away the build-up of germs and bad breath away from your mouth, since saliva is enriched with anti-bacterial properties that keeping these issues at bay from your mouth. This can be done appropriately only if you will drink appropriate amounts of water every day. So what is optimally suggested here is that one should try to keep himself hydrated all day long, so as to significantly tackling the issue of dry mouth.

dry mouth

2. Urinary Infection:

Having the severe urinary infection clearly portrays that you are not drinking enough water. Besides this, a recommended consumption of about 7-8 glasses of water is suggested to be taken by each one of us otherwise your body will gets dehydrated that will further bring about many severe complications and urinary infections is one among them. If you will drink an apt amount of water daily, then you will definitely feel the need of passing out urine, which is really optimal for keeping your fit besides commendably getting rid of all the infections. A more severe indications of less water consumption is the passing out of pale-yellow color urine. So, don’t neglect this alarming sign for keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Urinary Infection

3. Dry Lips And Gloomy Skin:

Another most significant alarming sign that dictates that your body is not getting enough water is the drying up of your lips and the gloomy texture of your skin. All this can be well attributed to the lack of watery content in your body. A sound intake of water enhances the elasticity of your skin besides making it more supple and clear in a commendable manner. Not only this, but if will not take adequate quantity of water, then all the toxins will not be eradicated from your body, whose primary origin is sweating, urination and many more. As a consequence of which the accumulated dust and dirt particles will remain adhered to your skin, thus making it dull and lifeless. Alongside, it will hamper the glossiness of your lips in a considerable manner.

Dry Lips And Gloomy Skin

4. Constipation Issues:

Another most vital alarming sign of low water consumption is the improper functioning of your Digestive system, which is rightly termed as Constipation. A sound intake of water enhances the robustness of your digestive tract thus making it easier for your body to decompose all the edible stuff we intake, hence a sound digestion. However, you are recurrently feeling the issue of constipation, then do maximize the intake of water and try to keep yourself hydrated.


5. Recurrent Headache’s:

Recurrent headaches also clearly indicates that your body is ow on watery content. Scientifically, it has been proved that your brain is encapsulated with-in a liquefied content that definitely assists in keeping it healthy besides protecting it from any severe criticality. So, one such optimal way is the sound consumption of water, which will equalizes the water requirements in your body besides keeping all the headaches, migraines, fatigued body at bay. Since, dehydration is one of the potent reasons that hinders the supply of oxygen to your brain, which will consequently be responsible reason for recurrent headaches in a significant manner at large.


So, this is all about the 5 prominent alarming signs that clearly indicates that you are not drinking enough water. So, don’t neglect them and try to optimize the intake of water in order to stay healthy and fit.

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