5 Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamin

Side Effects Of Prenatal VitaminPrenatal vitamins are mainly for women who are trying to conceive, or pregnant or for women who have given birth recently because prenatal vitamins contain the necessary nutrients needed by the mother and the baby during this time along with the minerals, the vitamins and the folic acid. Prenatal vitamins are also helpful after delivering a child because they heal the body and help the mother in recovering very fast.

However, there are certain prenatal vitamin side effects that women suffer from and these side effects can become very irritating if they are not taken care of. It is suggested that women should take high doses of prenatal vitamins because this could have an adverse effect on their health and would also lead to some kind of weakness. The usual side effects of prenatal vitamins are as follows:

Various Side Effects Of Prenatal Vitamin


Prenatal vitamins have a high content of iron that causes nausea or morning sickness in women. Pregnant women generally suffer from anemia which is a disease caused due to lower levels of red blood cells.


This disease can be avoided by the intake of iron and this is the reason why prenatal vitamins contain iron. In order to buck up with nausea, it is important to take the vitamins with food at night.


Headaches are very common side effects that reportedly take place while taking prenatal vitamins. There are a great number of hormonal changes that take place in women during pregnancy which may lead to an increase in headache which is mistaken as a side effect of prenatal vitamins. There are women who have high levels of copper in their body and prenatal vitamins with copper may increase the copper content of the body leading to headaches.


The iron content of prenatal vitamins is again responsible for constipation in women which can be reduced by increasing the intake of fiber and fluids at meals because constipation is something that is caused due to less amount of liquid intake by the body.


However, constipation remains to be the most common side effect of prenatal vitamins and needs to be taken special care for.

Urine Discoloration

This is also a very common side effect of prenatal vitamins because of the processing of the vitamins in the body and then its excretion through the urinary tract and the kidneys. Heavy intake of prenatal vitamins can lead to change in color of urine into bright yellow or orange but this is not taken as an abnormality and it diminishes with time.

Metallic Taste

There are women who are not very used to taking the prenatal vitamins. Such women can develop a metallic taste which is also considered as one of the most common prenatal vitamin side effects because of the mineral content of the vitamins.

Metallic Taste In Mouth

This situation can be avoided by taking in the vitamins with food at night or in the morning. The metallic taste can also go away by being in the habit of taking something sweet with the vitamin and this is very useful.

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