5 Signs And Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder, or BPD, is a state of mental ill-health that greatly affects the behavioral patterns and emotional state of mind. The main characteristic of the health condition is a persistent pattern of instability and insecurity in interpersonal relationships.


Apart from leaving its impact on relationships, the patient with this disease also shows signs of impulsive emotional behavior and low self-esteem.

People with BPD experience many other symptoms that may prove to be serious for the patient’s physical as well as emotional health and well being. This psychiatric disorder can prove to be a fatal disease if the mental state of the patient is not brought under control.

Hence, it becomes very important to discover and understand the causes, signs, symptoms, complications, and treatment of BPD. To understand all this components, it is important to learn about the symptoms so that the disease can be diagnosed at the right time and an appropriate treatment can be provided as required.

Signs and Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Instable and Insecure Relationships

An instable and insecure relationship is one of the most common symptoms of BPD that leaves a great impact on the social life of the patient.

The mood swings and emotional episodes can take a sudden twist from intense love to a state of anger and hatred towards a specific individual. No one can even wonder and imagine what would trigger an extreme reaction and how fast the feelings would change.

Insecure Relationships

Anger and Anxiety

Anger and anxiety are common signs experienced by patients suffering from BPD. No wonder even a small and ignored situation can inflame the temper of a person and lead to situations that become uncontrollable. They have no specific reasons to get angry and get excited easily over small issues.


Spending Carelessly

Impulsive behavior is often experienced by the borderline personality disorder patients.

They just believe in spending carelessly and impulsively without even thinking what they are spending on and why they are spending. This not only includes spending on irrelevant shopping but also includes excessive eating. This destructive pattern leads to poor self-image and low confidence.

Spending Carelessly

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Sense of Isolation and Rejection

Sense of isolation and rejection is deep with the person suffering from borderline personality disorder. This happens usually when the person’s beloved or close friend goes away or ends up a relationship.

The person is then unable to deal with life and often turns to show signs of depression, loss of self-esteem, and sense of being abandoned. This further leads to disparaging behavior and also instills a sense of emptiness that can even take a person towards suicidal tendencies.

Sense of Isolation and Rejection


Person suffering from BPD often show signs of destructive behavior that leads to emptiness, isolation, and a sense of rejection. This makes the person indulge in drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Abusing drugs and alcohol during emotional episodes helps them find relief and peace of mind.

These are serious symptoms of borderline personality disorder that should be treated by means of medications, mood-stabilizing drugs, or by emotional connection. Varied therapies are also introduced to treat the symptoms but it should be diagnosed before it gets late.

drugs and alcohol

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