5 Solutions For Babies Who Do Not Sleep At Night

Becoming a mother is a dream come true occasion for a woman. Nurturing your baby, growing them and taking care of their dos and don’ts many times pose the toughest challenge  for a mother. The pain of all these gets precipitated by floating in the beautiful smiles of your baby.

baby not sleeping

If the baby becomes dull even for a second, no mother on the earth can stay with peace. One such example we can address here is about babies who wake up frequently during their night sleep.

We often come across moms who complain that their babies do not sleep properly at night. The beautiful smiles suddenly disappear and look very much disturbed making every mother annoyed. Why does this happen is always an unanswered question for many moms. Is it some physical disorder or any thing else which disturbs your baby’s night sleep. Perhaps, it is the time for examining the causes and effects of making your baby cranky at night.

Feed Your Baby Tummy Full At Night

Check whether you are giving adequate food before your baby goes to bed. Make it sure that you do not administer them with snacks at least one hour before their dinner, so that they feel more hungry than before. It is always safe to feed them with easy to digest food like yoghurt, fruits, boiled vegetables and soups of different tastes, preferably home made.

feeding baby

Reduce Day Time Sleep Hours

Babies who are put to sleep for long number of hours during day time obviously do not sleep at night. So, cut short your baby’s sleep time by half an hour to one hour if they are habituated to sleep for more than two hours in a day.

sleeping baby

Give Added Care To Toddlers

It is highly important to give extra attention to days and months old babies as they wet very often. So, moms should change their diapers from time to time and keep them clean and sanitized without which babies are prone to infections and rashes.

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Keep First Aids Handy

Babies often become sick and the common reasons are change of climatic conditions, traveling to different places, eating new food, contagious infections and injuries. One cannot be guaranteed about the frequency of such instances and the best doctor may not be available all the time. Hence forth, a stock of first hand medicines should be kept with you till the time your baby gets thorough medical supervision.


Never Ignore To Give Medical Attention

The only way of expression is crying, from  days old babies up to the age of four years, as they cannot formulate sentences to tell what they want and explain about the problem that they are suffering from.

If   symptoms like fever, cough and vomiting can be identified by a mother, other alarming symptoms like stomach pain with acidity or indigestion, infections in throat and ear, itching on the skin can become difficult for a mother to notice. If any such symptoms persist for more than a day, it is advisable to see your baby’s pediatrician.

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