6 Best Home Remedies For Head Lice

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Are you a victim of head lice? If yes, then you might be knowing how difficult it is to get rid of them. Head lice are basically parasites which feed on human blood. They spend their entire lives on human scalp feeding on their blood. They do not cause any other issues apart from the fact that they are a sign of being unhealthy. Tell someone that you have head lice, and they would prefer to stay away. This is because they are easily transmitted. Since they do not have wings, they can only commute by contact. So, if your best friend has lice, there are bright chances that you might have them too. Nowadays, we have a lot of shampoos that you can use to get rid of head lice. But they may not turn out to be cost effective and might affect your hair.

Here Are Some Simple Home Remedies Which You Can Use Against Them

1. Combing

The age old method to get rid of head lice is by combing your hair with a fine toothed comb. The comb is easily available in the market and has an expertise in catching lice. The distance between the two consecutive teeth is less enough to only let the hair strand move through it. Heade lice and their eggs get stuck in the comb. While combing, keep a cup of water near your. Whenever the comb catches a louse or an egg, dip it in the water. This would make sure that the louse is trapped in water and it does not affect anyone else in the house.


2. Mayonnaise

The mayonnaise that you use on sandwiches can help you in getting rid of lice. They suffocate the parasites to death. All you have to do is, apply a good amount of mayonnaise in your hair and cover it with shower cap. Let the mayonnaise work for an entire night. Next morning you can wash your head with shampoo and check for lice. Make sure you comb off the remaining ones. This is because, lice multiply very quickly. So if you let them stay on your scalp till your next wash, they would keep on multiplying.


3. Olive oil

Olive oil has similar effect to mayonnaise. But the better part is, it is an oil and it would not feel cumbersome to apply it in your hair. Some people might get a little uncomfortable with the mayonnaise, they can try olive oil. Apply a good amount of the oil in your hair and cover your head with a shower cap. Let the oil work overnight. Next morning, wash your hair thoroughly. Also, do not forget to comb your hair properly. Use the fine toothed comb to catch any remaining lice or their eggs.

olive oil

4. Petroleum Jelly

You can also use petroleum jelly to suffocate the parasites to death. Apply a good amount of petroleum jelly in your hair. Make sure the quantity is enough to form a good layer on your hair. This would suffocate the lice. Cover your hair with a shower cap and keep it for an entire night. Wash your hair the next morning. Since the basic concept is to suffocate them, this does not work wonders on the eggs. So, you will have to catch the eggs by using a comb or you can additionally use another home remedy which would help you in getting rid of the eggs.

Petroleum Jelly

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is an astringent, it helps in contracting skin. `So, it will help in killing lice. Vinegar also works well to dissolve the egg shells, freeing you from the nits. The best part of this remedy is that it helps you in getting rid of the eggs. The leftover eggs would hatch into lice, bringing you back to the begining of the problem. It is very improtant to remove the eggs as well. You can alternate using vinegar and olive oil. So, you would get a cleaner scalp. To use vinegar, take some of it in a bowl and apply on the entire scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and let the vinegar work overnight. You can wash your hair the next morning .


6. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps in dissolving shells of louse’s eggs. This would work as good as vinegar and would help you in getting rid of the eggs. Ensuring that the lice would not visit again, would make the mission successful. If you successfully remove all the lice but the eggs remain in your hair, you will again face same issues in few days. So, try using lemon juice. Squeeze out a lemon and mix it wil some water. Apply the mixure all over your scalp with a cotton ball. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let the mixture work for 3-4 hours, after which you can wash your hair.

lemon juice on hairs

The above remedies should help you in getting rid of the lice and their eggs. In case you face any issues or the situation worsens, you should visit a doctor.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.