6 Easy Home Remedies For Atelectasis

AtelectasisAtelectasis is a partial or complete collapse of the lung. This happens due to certain respiratory illnesses. It could happen as a result of tumours compressing the lungs or thickened mucous. Simply put, anything that doesn’t allow the lung to completely expand during inhalation can be a cause for atelectasis.

Patients who are bed ridden for a very long time are at a risk of developing atelectasis. This is because the mucous doesn’t drain due to the lack of movement. Also, some people who have surgical wounds are not allowed to take in deep breaths and that could also contribute as a risk factor for atelectasis.

Symptoms differ according to the severity. In addition to facing difficulty in breathing, patients also experience cough, fever, chest pains and rapid breathing. Here are home remedies to treat atelectasis:

Home Remedies For Atelectasis

Steam Inhalation

By steam inhalation, the thickened mucous gets liquefied and it is easy to discharge. Take steam at least 3 to 4 times daily. You will also feel the reduction in chest pains when you are inhaling steam. It can be very useful in any kind of respiratory illness.


It could prove to be an external motivator in case you can’t forcefully expel out mucous when there are stitches or surgical wounds. The frequency of discharge through the mouth or nose also increases with the help of steam.

Remove The Mucous

If you are having mucous discharge from your mouth or nose, it is better to take it out rather than inhale it inside. Thickened mucous is the biggest cause of lung collapse and discomfort during atelectasis. It is always better if you are making attempts to cough it out. You could also try artificial or forceful techniques of expelling mucous by coughing.

Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is a very effective way of reducing the worsening of atelectasis. It also reduces the risk of contracting this if you do not have it. Smoking will increase the mucous content as it damages the cilia lining the bronchial tubes.

Promote Drainage

Most people suffer from lung collapse because the drainage of the mucous cannot happen. If the patient is bed ridden, you can promote drainage by changing their position every 2 hours so that the mucous can be effectively drained throughout the day and no accumulation will happen. You can also lie down with the head at a lower level compared to the chest. This also helps in draining the mucous.

Reduce Weight

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Another lifestyle change which should be done is to reduce your weight if you are in the overweight or obese zones. If you happen to have any lung infections or diseases related to breathing, you must immediately get it checked and treated to control atelectasis in time.

Deep Breathing Exercises

When you breathe deeply, you facilitate pushing out the phlegm from your system. If you are on bed rest, make sure you practice deep breathing exercise so that your lungs are exercised at regular intervals and you don’t suffer from further complications. Deep breathing exercises are also recommended after a surgery so that your airway is clear and mucous does not accumulate.

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