6 Excellent Home Remedies For Breast Care

Breast Care

Normally breasts experience few changes on standard basis. Being a woman you can yourself see quite a few variations in your breasts which can be at the time of the beginning of menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy, breast feeding etc. But some of these changes can have unfavorable effect on your breasts. It can take the form of sagging which happens after marriage while she breastfeeds her child. Your breasts can become wrinkled or you may have to face some serious breast disorder.

Yes, every woman wishes to have their beautiful, healthy and smooth breasts. It is extremely significant to treat your breasts for fending off any such problem. As the skin of the breasts is very thin and can effortlessly lose moisture, it is your responsibility as a woman to look after your breasts and take utmost care. We’ve detailed here 6 excellent home remedies for breast care.

Home Remedies For Breast Care

Lemon Juice And Rum

Lemon Juice And Rum

The combination of lemon and rum is highly beneficial for the betterment of your breasts. You can blend 1 lemon along with ½ cup of good rum and keep it overnight.

In the morning you can apply the mixture by doing rub on your breasts for 3-4 times or so. Then you can wash the breasts with cold water. In this way your breasts will be more firm.



Eggs are yet another home remedy that you can use for tightening and softening your breasts. You have to beat 2 to 3 eggs in a bowl till they’re creamy. Stir them well and then pat them on both breasts. Wait for 30 minutes and then wash those portions with onion water.



You can take the help of a piece of ginger for zooming the chest and also enlargement of breasts. You can bake the ginger and squash them with no pads. You can now add them in a bowl of pure dairy milk.

Keep on beating the milk till it gets diluted and then filter it. Leave the mixture for 5 hours as the sediment will be formed nicely. You can then drink it two times a day daily.

Milk Ice Cubes

Milk Ice Cube

Milk ice cubes can be helpful in massaging your breast. You can take a bowl of milk and freeze it firstly. Then you can further add ice cubes to it. You can now massage your breast with milk ice cubes slowly. As breast skin is really sensitive portion, it is better to do it gradually. This process can also make your breasts soft, and it can even tighten and make the breasts look brighter.

At the time of pregnancy if you want to avoid the stretch marks, you can implement the whole milk along with the help of a cotton swab on your breasts from the first month itself. Leave in that condition for half an hour and then clean with warm water only.



You can even perform exercises at your home. For making the breast muscles tight, you can practice push-ups 6 to 8 times a day regularly. If you have barbell at home, you can lie down first, bend your knees as you lift that weight in both hands for 1-2 minute and then lower your arms by keeping the weight down.

You can repeat this exercise for 10 minutes. Thus for taking care of your breasts you can certainly implement the above home remedies daily.

Hydro Massage

Hydro Massage

Hydro massage is a productive way to ward off wrinkles in your breast portion. For this you can wash the breasts firstly with cold water; then you can yourself massage them in clockwise direction for 10 minutes and then anti-clockwise direction for another 10 minutes. It will not only drain the blood circulation but it will also stiffen them.