6 Most Common Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted disease, which is caused by bacteria called Neisseria gonorrhea. It is spread by coming in close contact with the person who is suffering from this infection.


It can spread through mouth, penis, anus or vagina. The infection may affect men and women differently and they may show different symptoms. Gonorrhea can develop in moist and warm areas of the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes in women and in the urine canal of men and women both.

In addition, it can also grow in the throat and eyes. This disease may be transmitted via oral sex as well. Sore throat and tonsillitis are some of the symptoms caused by oral sex with the infected person. Also, anal sex can lead to Gonorrhea, which can cause rectum inflammation, itching and pus-like discharge from the penis.

Mostly people in the age group of 15 to 24 years are affected with this disease. The first signs of this disease may begin to appear within 2-10 days of coming in close contact with the infected person. Some people may not show clear Gonorrhea symptoms but others may observe heavy menstrual bleeding, burning sensation while passing urine, pain while having sexual intercourse and abnormal vaginal discharge.

Important Symptoms of Gonorrhea

Abnormal Bleeding

Abnormal bleeding during menstruation is one of the most common symptoms of Gonorrhea. It often brings along vaginal spotting and abnormal vaginal discharge. This may also lead to loss of energy and cause weakness.

You may tend to feel irritable and tired even without doing much work. Though abnormal bleeding during periods could happen due to many other reasons but if you notice this for a long time, you may need to consult a doctor, for it could be a potent symptom of Gonorrhea.

Abnormal Bleeding

Burning Sensation

If you notice a burning sensation while passing urine then you may be suffering from Gonorrhea, as it is one of the main symptoms of Gonorrhea.

The vagina and rectum are some of the most vulnerable parts of the body that could develop Gonorrhea very easily after sexual exposure with the infected person. The bacteria can easily spread through urethra or other opening.

Burning Sensation

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge and frequent infections can be symptoms of Gonorrhea, the sexually transmitted disease. This problem, when affects women shows symptoms like yellow or green pus like discharge from the vagina.

It also brings along some burning sensation in the urinary tract, abdominal pain and spotting during menstruation. As many people do not show specific symptoms, Gonorrhea may go unnoticed and untreated for a very long time causing severe problems like infertility and other diseases.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal Irritation

Vaginal irritation is also one of the most important symptoms of Gonorrhea. You may notice some amount of irritation in the outer area of the vagina in this disease, which may increase if it is not treated on time. The main irritation occurs in the cervix that can spread to uterus and even fallopian tube.

Vaginal Irritation

Discharge From The Penis

In men, gonorrhea mostly causes pus like discharge from the penis and can cause uneasiness while passing urine. The tip of the penis may become inflamed and red due to the frequent development of the pus.


Pain While Having Sex

Pain while having sex is also a very important symptom of Gonorrhea. If you notice that you are experiencing frequent pain while having a sexual intercourse, then it may be a reason to consult your doctor, for it may be a symptom of Gonorrhea.