6 Natural Cures For Scleroderma

6 Natural Cures For Scleroderma

Scleroderma is a connective tissue disorder usually characterised by thickening of the skin. It is an autoimmune disease which results in overproduction of collagen in the skin tissue. Due to the excess production of collagen, the major symptoms of scleroderma include stiffness, reduction in range of motion, pain, tissue death and in some cases- chronic respiratory trouble.

Because of these occurrences, the patient might feel shortness of breath, tightening in facial skin and recession of the gums. Scleroderma happens to be a degenerative disease so immediate treatment is a must. Apart from drug therapy and medications, doctors recommend natural remedies for treating scleroderma.  Here are some natural cures prescribed to patients with scleroderma:

6 Natural Cures For Scleroderma

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise

When your body is active, stiffness is prevented. The range of motion and the pain in your joints reduces when you constantly exercise your muscles. It keeps up your strength and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

You dont have to do heavy exercising, but regular walks, jogging or cycling can do a world of difference. Along with exercising, you could practice some self-stretching techniques to keep your muscles from tightening. Stretching helps to distribute the accumulated collagen and it doesn’t gather in a single place to cause any pain.

Quit Smoking

When you smoke, you are constricting your blood vessels to a great extent. Nicotine present in cigarettes acts as a vasoconstrictor and can worsen your condition. If you are also suffering from Raynaud’s disease in which the main body part affected is the artery, it could prove to be fatal for you. In some patients, smoking will cause permanent narrowing or constricting of the blood vessels. So quit smoking immediately to reduce the symptoms of your discomfort.

quit smoking

Vitamin D

People suffering from Scleroderma usually have Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is believed to be immuno regulatory and also inhibits collagen synthesis. Sun is the natural source of Vitamin D. You can also consume foods rich in Vitamin D such as fish, cod liver oil, eggs and mushrooms. However, patients consuming high doses of Vitamin D and calcium supplements over a long period of time should be carefully monitored for signs of toxicity. Consume supplements only after the advice by your doctor.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E prevents the build up of excess tissue as it has anti fibrotic properties. You can use Vitamin E gel which is available and apply it topically on the affected part. Vitamin E rich food should also be consumed such as nuts, spinach, avocados, fish and broccoli.


Sleep Right

Heartburn is a common and recurrent symptom in scleroderma. You should effectively manage heartburn by following the right steps in your daily lifestyle. Do not sleep flat, and always sleep with your head elevated.

This will help in prevent acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus, thus reducing chances of discomfort and heartburn. You should also avoid sleeping on the side or on your stomach.

Sleep Right

Fruits And Vegetables

Scleroderma can be cured by consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also have fruit juices and vegetable juices. Having hot soups is also recommended. You must refrain from consuming dairy products and meat and stick to food which will give you enough vitamins and contain antioxidants. Avoid oily and spicy foods as these increase symptoms of heartburn.

Fruits And Vegetables

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