6 Top Benefits Of Onion For Health

Top Benefits Of Onion For Health

Can you believe that a few drops of tears a day can make you healthy? Yes cutting onions can get tears in your eyes, but eating them will make you healthy. Onions are considered to be healthy food by our elders and it is scientifically proven too. There are numerous health benefits of onions starting from hair growth to fighting cancer. There are few types of onions available like red onions, white onions and yellow onions. They belong to the lily family and originated from central Asia. Onions are good sources of sulphuric compounds, flavonoids and phytochemicals. They also contain vitamin A, B12, B5 and C. They are rich in anti inflammatory, and anti allergic properties.

So, Here Is A Comprehensive Article Explaining Few Health Benefits Of Onion:

1. Protects Skin Naturally

Onions being good sources of sulphuric compounds protect skin from many microbial infections [1] . It helps as a natural cleanser and clears all the skin infections. The antioxidants and vitamins present in the onions help to give a glowing skin. As mentioned because of its antimicrobial nature onions can fight acne better . Consuming onion or applying onion juice externally , both are equally helpful to reduce the scar appearance and burnt effects.

Skin Naturally

2. Hair Loss

Onion juice is useful in hair loss [2] . It can be tough to apply onion juice directly but dilute it appropriately with honey and then try rubbing the scalp with the mixture. Leave it for an hour and then you can definitely see the difference in the form of reduced hair fall. The onion juice helps in good blood circulation and also promotes the production of collagen.

Hair Loss

3. Control Diabetes

The sulphur compounds like allyl propyl disulfide present in the onions helps in increasing the production of insulin in your blood thus helps to keep diabetes under control [3] . This is a super food and boon for people suffering with diabetes. Make sure that you are adding onion in your regular diet. This is also a scientifically proven fact . research on diabetic rats proved that onions contain anti diabetic properties.


4. Anti Cancer Properties

Onion is considered to be an effective source for anti cancer properties [4] . It is a nature’s weapon to keep cancer away. People who eat rich garlic and onion diet are at a lower risk of cancer. Daily consumption of onion can reduce the risk of oral , oesophagus, colon, breast, kidney prostate and ovary cancers.

 Anti Cancer

5. Cardio Vascular Benefits

Onion is also good to keep your cardiovascular system fit. It is found that regular consumption of onions has reduced the blood pressure levels and also high cholesterol levels [5] . It is shown that the intake of onions has reduced the risk of artery hardening which is responsible for heart attacks. The component quercetin present in onions is useful to keep your heart fit.

Cardio Vascular

6. Helps Build Immunity

Onions contain polyphenol and selenium, which are useful for building immunity [6] . They protect your body from free radicals. The antioxidants and antimicrobial properties help in building strong immunity against common problems like cold and flu and also serious diseases like cancer.


Apart from the above mentioned benefits, onions can also be helpful in promoting gastrointestinal health, cholera, maintaining bone health, UTI’s and other allergies. Like every other vegetable, care should be taken while choosing onions. Always buy good quality onions from the market . avoid using onions if you find blackish powered material inside the layers of the skin, which is a sign of microbial growth.

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