6 Useful Natural Cures For Warts

WartsYou may often feel embarrassed when you develop warts on your body, but you shouldn’t. Neither should you think that you cannot be free from such warts. Few kinds of warts are seen to grow singly and at times they develop in clusters. The top layer of the skin is infected by the virus called human papillomavirus that expands quickly in the form of warts or bumps that may be smooth or flat, thus attacking into the tiny cuts. These warts can appear in any portion of your body. They may vanish off in few months or years on their own. As they are contagious, you should not touch on the warts. If you do so and then again you touch another portion of your body, you may get infected once more. If you are sharing razors, towels or any other items with other person, he/she can also be infected by warts.

In order to stop the virus from passing, you can cover the areas of warts. Though they are painless, a wart can generate on a finger, genital area or bottom of the foot where you put direct pressure on them. You can take the help of few productive natural cures for warts that will diminish them fully in short time. Thus we’ve approached with 6 valuable natural cures for warts.

Natural Ways To Cure Warts


Garlic is considered as an effectual natural cure that kills the viruses that results into warts. You can purchase garlic oil and apply them on the wart areas. Or else you can slice the bulb of garlic and blend it along with the olive oil.


You can put the mixture in the refrigerator and the next day strain the garlic oil. Then you can wipe the garlic oil on the portions where warts are grown. After that you can wrap that portion with a bandage so that the oil steeps inside the wart. You can repeat this process two times a day daily.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil which comprises germ-fighting properties is useful in healing your warts. You can pour 2-3 drops on a clean cotton pad and then dab it on the wart portion. If you want to dab some more tea tree oil, you have to take another cotton pad and do the same. Once or twice a day you can apply this method for few months till the warts go away.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Being a supportive health tonic, apple cider vinegar can eliminate your warts. You can put some apple cider vinegar on cotton and then apply it on the areas of warts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can wrap that portion with the help of medical tape for shielding it. You can continue the method for some weeks till you gain fruitful results.


Vitamin A and vitamin E oils works superbly for warding off the warts. You can take the vitamin A and E oil together, mix it and then apply on the wart portions. Allow the oil to immerse in the warts while you cover that area in medical tape. Vitamin can also be used in tablet form daily which also mends your warts completely.


Papaya that contains an enzyme helps in alleviating the wart as it can assimilate the dead tissues from inside. You can create swallow cuts on the exterior of an unripe papaya, gather the sap which comes out and allow it to thicken.


Then you can combine the solidified sap along with water and put it on the warts in the morning and night too. You can apply this procedure on every day basis.

Birch Bark

Birch bark which contains salicylates is advantageous in reducing the warts from your body. You can take a small birch bark and moisten it in water. Then you can tape the bark on your wart as the inner part of the bark should face the skin. You can also dip a cloth in the mixture of 1 teaspoon of bark in 1 cup of boiling water, and compress on your wart. Hence you can stay away from the warts by implementing the above natural cures.

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