7 Best Essential Oils For The Best Sleep Ever

Best Essential Oils For The Best Sleep Ever

Proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours is very important for a healthy body and sound mind. Insufficient sleep results in increased stress, exhausted body, frustrated behavior, puffy eyes, poor productivity and other ailments. Using essential oils is one the best methods to treat insomnia and get good sleep for more hours. Essential oils are aromatic oils which relax body muscles and induce sleep.

Given Below Some Are The Best Essential Oils Which Can Help You To Sleep Better:

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil tops the list of the best essential oils that triggers good sleep [1] . The aroma of the lavender oil is believed to calm anxiety in the body and treat insomnia. Widely known as “super oil” this versatile essential oil eliminates nervous tension and improves quality of sleep.

 Lavender Oil

2. Roman Chamomile Oil

Roman Chamomile oil has a light, delicate fragrance which creates calm and relaxing vibes. This herb is trusted to soothe and comfort nerves and remove all kind of restless feelings such as nightmare, hysteria, insomnia and others [2] . This essential oil allows you to de-stress and sleep tight.

Roman Chamomile Oil

3. Marjoram Oil

Marjoram Oil is the floral version of oregano and is fondly known as oil of happiness herb. It contains sedative properties which regularizes breathing pattern and leads to peaceful sleep [3] .  Marjoram Oil is specifically very effective in relieving pains and aches by relaxing muscles and joints. Apply this oil on the back and on the neck below the hairline to get a comforting sleep.

Marjoram Oil

4. Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood is a popular medicinal herb which is useful against various disorders [4]. This wood flavored essential oil contains abundant of a chemical component called santalol. Santalol is directly responsible for inducing the production of melatonin, which further improves our sleep cycle. In addition, it regulates nervous system so that we have a peaceful frame of mind and sleep well.

Sandalwood Oil

5. Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood is another earthy-smelled essential oil which enhances production of melatonin and regulates sleep cycle. It also improves quality of sleep by reducing automatic motor activity and involuntary movements in the body [5] . In addition, it is also credited with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property which soothes skin and allows it breathe fresh for a better sleep. Apply it on your forehead, wrist, neck or foot to snuggle down into a comforting sleep.

Cedarwood Oil

6. Orange Oil Or Lemon Oil

Essential oil made up from citrus fruits help in overcoming anxiety and reducing depression levels [6] . Moisturizing skin properly with essential citrus oil results in peaceful mind, relaxed body and prolonged sleep. They also contain antioxidants called d-limonene which aids normal cellular regeneration and good sleep.

 Lemon Oil

7. Valerian Oil

Valerian oil is one of the best aromatherapy which induces sound sleep with its excellent sedative properties to calm nervous system. It is the most commonly used essential oil whose fragrance makes you sleep faster and longer [7] . Apply valerian oil on the wrist, neck or bottom of the feet to have a restful sleep.

Valerian Oil

You can choose one essential oil or a combination of 2-3 essential oils based on your requirement. These oils are thick and bulky, therefore it is always advisable to dilute it with rose water, almond oil or olive oil. Apart from its topical application, you can also add some drops of essential oil in bath water or place an oil diffuser in your bedroom. In addition to using essential oil, try listening to soft music and meditation for a magical sleep over the night.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.