7 Down Syndrome Symptoms That You Must Know

Even though an extra chromosome 21 might be the cause of Down syndrome, individuals affected by this condition do not experience the same symptom. Each would have a personal trait, weakness and strength.

Down Syndrome

Making a note of these symptoms would help you detect any early signs in your child which would be highly helpful for the treatment. The treatments of this condition would also differ from one individual to another depending on the severity of the symptoms.

Also the Down syndrome symptoms might be severe or mild in nature and these might be found both in children and adults.

Symptoms Of Down Syndrome

Physical Symptoms

When babies with Down syndrome are delivered, there would be various symptoms that would indicate the presence of this syndrome. You can notice the skin tone of the baby is very bad in quality, the nape would have lots of skin, flat nose.

There would be separate joints between the skull bones, the palms of the baby will feature a single crease running across, ears and mouth would be smaller in size, short fingers or very short hands, the appearance of whitish spots on the eyes and eyes with upward slanting look.

physical symptoms

Difference In The Head And Eyes

The head of the baby would be very small and would have an abnormal look. Also the edges of the eyes would have a rounded look instead of a sharp pointed look.

eyes and head

Late Development Of Various Skills

The kids affected by this syndrome show the late developments in the area of speech and expressing their feelings. They might also lag motor skills when compared to other kids of their age. If your kid is not walking like other kids even until the age of four, then it might be an indicator of this syndrome.

Seek immediate medical attention and avail physical therapy or other such therapies to enable him to walk well. There might be other associated Down syndrome symptoms, such as slow performance in all activities, hearing problems and problems with hearing.

late development

Thyroid Problems

The most common symptom of this syndrome is the hypothyroidism which features inability of the thyroid gland to secrete the thyroid hormone.


Anomalies In The Gastrointestinal Parts Of The Body

People with Down’s syndrome would experience an absence of colon in the intestine, constipation and the formation of gas. There would be anomalies in the some such as imperfect formation of the pancreas and the anus in a few patients. This might even cause frequent vomiting in many.


Disorders Of The Eye

Various eye disorders, such as opaque lenses, corneas in a conical shape, increased pressure on the eye are some of the common symptoms associated with this condition. Some patients also suffer from irregular movement of eyeballs.

eye disorder

Hearing Disorders As A Symptom

Over 78% of the people affected by Down syndrome tend to suffer from hearing disorders. Some might also experience total loss of hearing in certain cases. Seeking medical attention at an earlier stage would help you get relief from this symptom and would enhance your ability to hear.

Hearing Disorders

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