7 Effective Ways To Get Water Out Of Ear

Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Water Out Of Ear

Water can seep in the ear due to a variety of reason and can provide an uneasy feeling. It appears that hearing happens from the bottom. The hearing mechanism takes a hit and the ear might feel full. Water can seep into the ear while swimming, bathing, etc. Moreover, it causes an annoying feeling and can lead to infection if effective steps are not taken at once. The major cause of concern is the swimming water because it is dirty and harmful for the ears.

Here Are The Some Prominent Steps To Get Rid Of The Water Out Of The Ear:

1. Tilt The Head

It is the easiest way to remove water from the ear. It simply rests on the principle of gravity. The method needs tilting of the head and the water in the ear will ultimately drain on its own. At times, the water remains in the ear canal and is not settled there. The jammed ear must be pointed towards the floor and the water will drain by itself. It might take 2-3 minutes for the entire process. Remember to tilt the head in the correct direction otherwise, the water will go further in the ear.

 Tilt The Head

2. Creation Of Vacuum

There is numerous occasion where the concept of gravity might not provide a relief. In such a scenario, water can be removed by utilizing the pressure and creating a vacuum in the ear canal. To ensure a correct position, tilt your head and then cover the ear with hand thereby a vacuum is created. The hand should be removed quickly that will lead to drainage of the trapped water.

 Creation Of Vacuum

3. Blow Dry

A blow dryer can often be effective to drain the ears. People doubt this mechanism, however; it is as good as the other methods. The dryer must be operated at the lowest heat or on cool air mode and must be having a gap of 35 centimeters away from the head. The blow dryer must be used till the time water gets drained out of the ear. However, the blow dryer must not be used very near to the ears as it can harm the ear with the heat.

 Blow Dry

4. OTC Eardrop Application

The counter ear drops can be used to remove water out of the ears. These are easily available in the pharmacy stores that contain alcohol thereby leading to evaporation. The drops must be added to the ears and then tilt the ears so that the water can be drained.

OTC Eardrop Application

5. Olive Oil

A few drops of olive oil can help the ear to get rid of the water. It can be done with the help of an eye dropper. Olive oil contains numerous advantages such as the breakdown of the ear wax, killing germs as it contains antibacterial features. After the drop, it must be left for 10 minutes.

Olive Oil

6. Steam

Steam can be another effective option to remove water out of the ear. To ensure this, place steaming water is a huge bowl and covers the head with a towel then inhale the steam in a slow manner. This must be repeated for 10 minutes. The head must be tilted to one side and the water will come out.


7. Warm Compress

The Eustachian tubes can be opened up by using a warm compress. A cloth soaked in hot water must be used and hold over the affected year. The head must be tilted towards the ground and the water will come out automatically.

 Warm Compress

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