7 Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief

Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis has indeed become most common these days and this actually involves the inflammation of the joint which leads to swelling, pain and even the movement of the joint would be arrested at times. Hence, there’s an alarming need to find some of the natural remedies for arthritis pain relief, else the troubles would reach a summit later on. In this context, this article features some of the best possible natural remedies for arthritis pain relief that gets to assist the readers a lot.

Here Are Some Of The Natural Remedies For Arthritis Pain Relief:

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is known to be one of the most common spices and this is famed to have many anti-inflammatory properties in it. This is solely because of the compound called curcumin present in turmeric that can relieve the pain to the maximum extent. Also many researches suggested that this spice is quite worthy to be added in the main after getting thoroughly tested in the rats which got to reduce the inflammatory properties.


2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Many of the readers might definitely be confused with this term as they might not be quite aware of it. Virgin oil is nothing but the process of making oil simply by pressing the olives where no industrial process is involved. This ensures quality of the oil with no additional impurities. This extra olive virgin oil is known to contain a compound called oleocanthal that is famed to reduce the inflammation caused. However, it must be realized that oleocanthal doesn’t actually operate at hot conditions and therefore, it’s much more necessary to keep it in cold conditions. All one has to do is to rub a small quantity of olive oil at the joint everyday and within no time, this method can be found a lot beneficial on the whole.

olive oil

3. Dandelion Leaves

This is yet another naturally available substance that is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Also rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A, these leaves are quite well known to handle many conditions.  Linoleic, an essential fatty acid is richly available in these leaves that is well known to set aside the inflammation and relieve the person from pain. Hence many doctors would advise to intake the leaves in the form of dandelion tea where the leaves are mixed thoroughly in boiling water.

Dandelion Leaves

4. Devil’s Claw

This is one of the best known herb to reduce inflammatory properties and bring the person out of pain. This is native to Africa and is also called by the names grapple plant, wood spider etc. This plant is also used in many medicines which are used to treat osteoarthritis. However, it would always be beneficial if it’s used in the available manner rather than sticking on consuming devil’s claw available medicines. This sets aside many of the side-effects that actually occur upon using the medicines.

Devil's Claw

5. Ginger Tea

Ginger is probably the best among the naturally available anti-inflammatory substances that assists a lot in osteoarthritis. In this context, ginger must be considered as an essential supplement in every meal as it gets going and produces many beneficial effects once it’s adjusted to the body conditions. Alternatively, ginger can also be added in a cup of tea that even adds spice to the drink as well as promoting the nutritional values. There are even many ginger capsules widely available in the market which can suit such purposes.

ginger tea

6. Epsom Salt

Under the conditions of osteoarthritis, one needs to intake a lot of magnesium rich foods to get the pain and swelling of the joint minimized. In this regard, epsom salt suits the purpose in a best way as it is quite rich in magnesium sulfate. This magnesium sulfate has an adequate quantity of magnesium in it. Hence, just take a cup of hot water and add a pinch of epsom salt and stir it thoroughly until it gets totally mixed. Just soak the part containing the join and rub it properly with hands. And upon following this method, there’s a huge scope of getting the pain reduced all in all.

epsom salt

7. Bone Broth

Broth is a kind of soup where bones are actually simmered and bone broth is quite rich in collagen fibers. Also it is said to contain huge amounts of amino acids including glycine which are used to re-construct the damaged tissues. These sort of foods can be a lot of helpful under cases such as arthritis as some amount of tissue has to be developed at the joint and bring it back to the normal stage to reduce the effect of pain and sufferings.

Bone Broth

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.