7 Natural Ways For Increasing Libido

Sex stands important in every couple’s life to enjoy each other’s intimacy. They always want to enhance their sex drive or libido by learning and applying short and long-term methods to give pleasure to their partner. But it happens at some point in their lives that a man or woman feel their libido has lowered down which may put a negative effect on their relationship. A decrease in libido may be because of common reasons; one of them can be medical issue.

ways to increas libido

They can themselves implement on certain ways in which they can regain back their lost interest in sex and perform much better in sex the next time. Before going for medications, they can try out the natural remedies. We’ve listed 7 natural ways to order to increase libido and enjoy good sex.

Natural Ways For Increasing Libido

Losing Weight

Couple should also check on their weight because if they’re overweight this may put an impact on their sex drive. Heavy weight can lower their confidence and also the feeling of sexuality.

They may also experience blood vessel disease due to obesity that can lessen the vital blood flow to the genitals. Hence if they are having normal weight, the libido will certainly increase and they can have awesome sex session.

weight loss

Positive Attitude

It is very important to maintain your stress level low and have a positive attitude towards life. You should have your own self-esteem high which will help you to have better sex and feel attractive towards your partner. When you’re feeling low, you should relax on bed and pamper yourself and your partner by cuddling and foreplay.

You can also perform any light activity that will rejuvenate you from within. So couples should take out more quality time and spend together in between your stressful jobs.


Keep Fit Always

Whether man or woman, they should execute moderate exercises regularly that will aid in developing more blood flow towards the sexual organs. They will also feel charged up via these exercises. Libido can improve more if they both do exercises together as the confidence will rise higher.


Eat The Proper Foods

If your body becomes week and you feel unwell, your sex will suffer too. For this you should ingest 5 to 9 types of fruits and vegetables for continuous 2 weeks to amplify your stamina. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants and vitamins that will aid in upholding excellent blood flow to the sex organs and stop few chronic diseases too.

Thus you should consume foods every day, such as celery, bananas, avocado, raw oysters, mangoes, nuts, eggs, strawberries, liver, eggs, peaches, pumpkin, figs and chocolate which will enhance your libido and at times aid in fighting vaginal dryness.

Fruits and vegetables


You can have a nice massage by hitting the spa or at home which can help in raising your libido and excite you while performing sex with each other. When you’re over-stressed or tensed or irritated, it is best to have a massage in the evening which will arouse your sex drive towards your partner and fascinate you completely. Before beginning your back massage, a calming music and soft lighting will even add to points.


Drink Gingko Biloba Tea

You can make use of gingko biloba leaves that will benefit you in increasing the libido. This herb will also perk up the blood flow towards the sexual organs and brain.

You can drink two cups of gingko biloba tea daily which can also stimulate your sexual desire, thrill and orgasm too. Therefore couples can work on the above natural ways which will surely boost your sex drive.

Gingko Biloba Tea

Preparing For Intimacy

Before having sex, it is significant to prepare for intimacy to get into a romantic mood with your special someone. You can go for idealistic evening date with your partner or a long drive. You can also have coffee and chocolate. As they are aphrodisiacs, these foods will generate the best moods, liberate endorphins, enhance physical energy, boost energy and increase libido too.

Couples can even have chocolates while having fun during sex to increase the intimacy too. You both can also have a bit of wine in the evening that will help to relax completely which can lead towards stronger sex.

coffee and chocolate