7 Reasons To Stop Eating Food In Plastic Containers

Reasons To Stop Eating Food In Plastic Containers

Unable to remove plastics from your life? I am sure most of us are very used to plastic that we are living every second with them. But after reading this piece of article you will understand how terrible is plastic to our health and you will try to reduce the usage.
We all know it as a fact that plastics are harmful to our health, but after seeing the tags like microwave safe, safe plastics, BPA free you will be attracted to buy them. Plastics are convenient in many ways to use they are unbreakable, easy to carry, but we forget that they reduce the life span of an individual.

Here Are Some Reasons To Stop Eating Food In Plastic Containers:

1. Plastics Contain Toxins

It’s really surprising when we see our grandparents stamina [1] .They are better in terms of health when compared to us. Their healthy lifestyle, no plastics for food were the main reasons for their stamina. Plastics contain huge number of toxic substances which are not only harmful for your health, but also capable of making you sick. The main toxin is BPA or Bisphenol A which is a harmful component which is responsible to cause heart problems, hormonal imbalances, harmful effects on brain and diabetes. Hence it is better to avoid plastic containers.


2. Plastics Cause Obesity

Most annoying problem whose rate is being doubled every year is obesity [2] . The harmful chemicals present in the plastics are considered responsible for obesity and diabetes. Till now the lifestyle and poor diet were blamed for obesity as a primary cause but many research findings said that plastics from the other factors for obesity and diabetes. Plastics contain chemicals which are endocrine disruptors, which are responsible for hormonal disruption, including stimulation of appetite, fat storage etc. which are responsible for obesity.


3. Plastics Cause Fertility Problems

Research suggests that continuous use of plastic can cause infertility [3] . We use plastic containers to wrap food in refrigerator, to store drinking water, to carry our lunch and what not. If this is the scenario even at your home, then its time to change your containers to non plastic ones. Bps is considered as an ovarian and uterine toxin which can cause changes in the reproductive system leading to infertility.


4. Is BPS Safe For Health

To avoid BPA or bisphenol A as it is harmful,  a new chemical component called BPS(Bisphenol-S)  was introduced [4] . It was said in the beginning that BPS is safe for health. But the real truth, is both BPA and BPS are evil twins. BPS or Bisphenol S is as harmful as BPA. A research finding said that more than 80%of us individuals were tested with BPS in urine. If your baby bottle, writes BPA safe , then do not believe this as it contains BPS which is similarly harmful. Plastic containers are mixed with either BPS or BPA to make it rigid.

BPS Safe For Health

5. Leaching

Three chemicals BPA, Phthalates and styrene are harmful ones present in various forms of plastics [5] . Most plastic containers leach these harmful chemicals into the food. Phthalates are added to plastics to make it more flexible. They are found in products like baby toys , shower curtains, plastic wraps etc. they cause various health risks like lowering IQ in developing foetus, asthma in children and infertility. Styrene is found in fast food cups and food containers. The chemical causes respiratory problems increased risk of certain cancers.


6. Not Bio Degradable

Plastics are not biodegradable products [6] . They cause heavy destruction to the environment. They also fill up the landfills and pose a serious threat to the ground water levels. They also get into the biological cycles by entering into the wild animals. We also see plastic burning in some parts, which is much more hazardous as it releases harmful gasses into the environment.

Not Bio Degradable

7. Food Absorbs Smell And Colour From Plastics

If you store food in the plastic containers they shed the colour of the plastic, which is harmful to your body [7] . The food also smells plastic. Hence it is better to go for healthier alternatives when compared to plastics.

 Food Absorbs Smell And Colour From Plastics

So now it’s high time to change your food containers and buy, mason jars and glass products to store your food. Promise to yourself that you are not going to buy foods that are stored in plastics. Try to buy stainless steel water bottles or copper water containers as a healthy alternative. Though plastics are convenient, they need to be ditched as soon as possible. Glass is a better alternative but has a risk of breakage so, some other alternatives for plastics include, stainless steel, pottery items, copper vessels etc.

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