8 Common Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate CancerProstate cancer occurs in the prostate gland of the male. This cancer does not exhibit any symptoms or signs in the early stage but develops at a later stage.

This is especially if the tumor gets larger in size and proceeds to apply pressure on the urethra. This occurs mainly when a person begins to mature. This article would let you know about the various symptoms of prostate cancer which would help you in understanding the medical condition.

If you or your man has any of these problems, it is ideal that you take him for a medical examination immediately.

Different Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

Difficulty In Urinating

As the prostate glands get enlarged and presses the urethra, the tube that acts as a carrier of urine and semen would get compressed in the process which would cause difficulty to pass urine freely. Usually the urine would dribble and would offer a feel of having the urge to urinate frequently.

Feeling Pain While Passing Urine

This is also a result of enlarged prostate glands owing to the pressure on the urethra. So when there is a difficulty in passing urine, it is accompanied by feeling the pain owing to the prostate inflammation.

Appearance Of Semen With Blood

You would not have reddish semen but just a small streak of blood present in the semen will make it look pink or streaked. Also it will have a bad odor after a relationship which is also a common symptom.

Intestinal Problems

While speaking of the prostate gland, this gland is located beneath the bladder and at the top of the rectum. So occurrence of a tumor would cause disruption in the functions of intestinal parts in your body. This might cause constipation, the formation of gas and other digestive issues which are bothersome symptoms of prostate cancer.

Frequent Body Pains

Frequent Body Pains

Men would experience frequent pain in various parts of their bodies, such as upper thighs, hips, pelvis and lower back. Sometimes, these pains might be very acute which would demand for immediate medical attention or hospitalization.

Urge To Urinate In The Wee Hours Of The Night

This is termed as the sly symptom among the males diagnosed with this medical condition. If you experience waking up from a deep sleep with high urge to urinate that you can barely control, you can seek the help of your doctor and undergo a medical check up immediately.

Erection Problems

This is a hard subject to discuss but is a common symptom of prostate cancer. This medical condition can seriously hinder your sexual life as you might have a tough time while trying to erect and face much more difficulty in maintaining it.

Erection Problems

Also the enlarged prostate gland would block the urethral passage that it becomes difficult for you to ejaculate. Take medical assistance immediately to get cured of this condition.

Leakage Of Urine Or Dribbling

Though men feel shy to discuss such a problem, it is important that they consider it seriously when they face incontinence problems. These are the certain symptoms of prostate cancer.

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