8 Common Whiplash Symptoms

WhiplashWhiplash is also commonly known as the straining of the neck or neck pain. Whiplash is caused due to sudden jerking of the vehicle on application of acceleration or break. There is no danger to life in Whiplash injury, however, it may cause serious discomfort and disability for some time.

In whiplash injury mainly the spinal cord and its connected ligaments are stretches unduly causing severe pain to the person. The person suffering from whiplash usually experiences symptoms of pain only after couple of days.

The duration of whiplash symptoms may vary from few weeks to a couple of years, depending upon the intensity of the injury to spine and neck ligaments. Whiplash is usually cured by a combination of painkillers, exercises and physiotherapy.

Major Symptoms of Whiplash

Pain and Stiffness of The Neck

People suffering from whiplash often complain of severe pain in the neck. Whiplash also causes stiffness in the neck due to which rotating and moving the neck becomes painful.

neck and shoulder pain

People suffering from whiplash are often advised to wear neck collar for some duration due provide extra support to the neck and its ligaments.


A very common symptom of whiplash is headaches. Due to the stiffness of the neck, people suffering from whiplash experience pain originating from the lower region of the skull. The headache may be mild or severe depending upon the intensity of the injury to the neck tendons and muscles.

Feeling of Dizziness

Whiplash patients often experience faintness or a dizzy sensation. Dizziness is mainly a side effect caused due to constant and severe pain in the neck and head.

Tiredness & Weakness

Feeling tired

Constant pain of the neck and headaches makes the whiplash patient tired and irritable. Experiencing an overall body weakness is yet another symptom of whiplash.

Troubled Eyesight

Whiplash injury patients often have difficulty in reading due to blurred vision. The objects become unclear and take on a fuzy or hazy look. However, this symptom often dissappears with the curing of whiplash. In very rare cases, eyesight may also be impared permanantly.

Pain in the Lower Back

Experiencing low back pain is also a common symptom of whiplash. In whiplash cases, the spine stretches suddenly due to forward and backward movement of the neck.

lower back pain

This sudden stretching of the spine and its ligament results in low back pain. Patients are often advised to undergo extensive physiotherapy to get relief from the back pain.

Shoulder, Arms & Jaw Pain

Whiplash patients also experience stiffness and pain in the shoulder region, muscles of the arm and jaw region. Movement of arms and shoulder becomes limited and there is a soreness in the shoulder and arm muscles. In whiplash injury patients, there is also a complaint of pain in the jaw which makes chewing  and eating very difficult.


Due to constant pain of the neck, shoulders, arms, jaw, head and lower back, the person is unable to find a comfortable position to sleep. sleeplessness further gives rise to a general feeling of fatigue in the body and makes the patients irritable.

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