8 Wonderful Herbs That Help Quit Smoking

Wonderful Herbs That Help Quit Smoking

The addiction that is tricky to stop immediately is smoking. The harmful effects of consumption of tobacco include lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease, the enhanced danger of stroke, disorders of central nervous system, problems with nails, skin, and hair, disorders of digestive system, skeletal problems, and eye sight etc. Therefore, most of the people wish for giving up smoking but they have a hard time. Also, people who give up this addiction go through a lot of withdrawal signs like irritability, insomnia, and nervousness.

Here Are Some Amazing Herbs That Help You In Quit Smoking:

1. Mullein

Mullein is one of the wonderful herbs that greatly assist in soothing the irritated mucous membranes and lungs [1] . Consume two or three cups of this herbal tea daily for reducing the habit of smoking. Alternatively, you can consume one teaspoonful of tincture of mullein for three times a day. You can follow any of these two methods for quitting smoking.


2. Coltsfoot

This herb works great in soothing inflamed lung tissue [2] . This herb also aids for loosening secretions and makes easier for coughing up. You need to take three cups of coltsfoot tea per day. This method is highly effective in relieving you from the withdrawal symptoms of smoking. But, you should not consume this herbal tea for more than four weeks in a year.


3. Lobelia

Lobelia is another herb that works great in easing coughs and relaxing bronchial muscles [3] . This herb is highly effective in helping reduce nicotine cravings. By doing so, it significantly supports you in quitting smoking. Consume the mild tea of lobelia for three cups in a day. If this herbal tea causes nausea then discontinue using it.


4. Black Cohosh

You can quit the habit of smoking with the help of Black Cohosh as well [4] . This herb is very valuable in relieving the withdrawal symptoms of the smoking such as anxiety, nervousness, irritability, and restlessness. Thus, this herb helps you in quitting the inclination of tobacco consumption. The sedative and calming effects of Black Cohosh greatly aid in promoting qualitative sleep also.

Black Cohosh

5. Licorice

Another herb that has been used effectively in the programs of quitting smoking is licorice [5] . Every time you experience the urge of smoking, then chew on the end of this herb instead of lighting up. This process is really effective. Therefore try this method for enjoying the most desirable results.


6. Ginseng

Ginseng is considered by the Chinese as the supreme herbal remedy for managing various kinds of diseases [6] . It can greatly aid you to give up the addiction of smoking as well. This herb is highly supportive in enhancing the positive energy. The usage of ginseng is extremely helpful in helping you overcome the physical cravings for tobacco. Ginseng greatly aids the body to withstand nervous and mental exhaustion as well.


7. Red Clover

If you are facing a lot of difficulty in giving up the smoking habit, then, red clover tea comes to your rescue [7] . The tea made up of red clover is fully capable of kicking the smoking habit. By doing so, it helps in protecting your health from the harmful effects of smoking. Consume red clover tea on the daily basis.

 Red Clover

8. Burdock

Herbalists recommend applying this herb for quitting smoking [8] . This herb is highly useful in reducing nervousness and anxiety. It also greatly works for the rapid detoxification of the body. This herbal root acts as the traditional blood purifier as well. By acting as the diuretic, this herb works wonders in flushing out toxins from the body. Consume burdock tea for combating against the withdrawal symptoms of smoking.


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