8 Wonderful Vegetables For Hair Growth


Wonderful Vegetables For Hair Growth

Everybody aspires for healthy, shiny, silky and voluminous hair. Quality of hair majorly depends on age, genetics, medical conditions, climate, and other factors. However, with proper diet and exercises, health of hair can certainly be improved. Intake of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates can help to grow hair fuller and faster. While you would have heard of various fruits and fruit juices which are beneficial for hair, some of the vegetables also bring great results.

Given Below Are Some Of The Wonderful Vegetables Which Help In Hair Growth:

1. Carrot

Amongst various vegetables which are vital for hair growth, carrot tops the list [1] . Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin B7 or biotin which is essential for development of new hair. Further, biotin strengthens hair roots, reduces hair fall, improves blood circulation and adds luster and density to the hair. You can consume carrot regularly, or drink carrot juice or apply the paste of carrot on hair scalp and see positive results for your hair in no time.


2. Yellow Pepper

Yellow peppers are a great source of Vitamin C – they contain five times more Vitamin C than oranges [2] . Vitamin C makes hair follicles and hair shafts stronger and prevents hair breakage. Therefore, consuming yellow pepper will catalyze hair growth.

Yellow Pepper

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are loaded with an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which when consumed is converted into Vitamin A [3] . This Vitamin A ensures proper functioning of cell, protects dry hair, avoids dandruff, stimulates sebum production and brings shine to hair. Hence, incorporation of sweet potatoes in diet leads to good health of hair.

Sweet Potatoes

4. Spinach

Spinach is a rich source of fibers, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and zinc, all of which are very important for hair growth [4] . Deficiency of these minerals can in fact lead to severe hair loss. Therefore, including green leafy vegetables like spinach is very helpful in keeping hair strong and healthy.


5. Onion

Onion is another vegetable which is full of biotin, iron and zinc – vital for proper growth of hair [5] . Onions are also very useful in inhibiting graying of hair. Onions can be incorporated in daily diet, as well as onion paste can be applied on the scalp before hair wash. It conditions hair and brings lots of luster.


6. Curry Leaves

Little known, but curry leaves are very useful for hair growth [6] . Curry leaves comprise of keratin which helps in strengthening the scalp and faster formation of new hair. Add curry leaves to your hair oil and warm it on low flame for five minutes. Apply this oil regularly to find a noticeable difference in the sheen of your hair.

Curry Leaves

7. Beet Root

Beet root is one of the most effective tonics for healthy hair growth [7] . This red-colored vegetable reportedly increases production of lycopene in the body, which is in turn stimulates hair growth. Beetroot also increases hemoglobin in the body and improves blood circulation, which is overall good for hair growth.

Beet Root

8. Garlic

The typical pungent smell of garlic makes it difficult to use, but high content of garlic is exceptionally advantageous for new hair growth and volume. Increase intake of garlic in food or massage scalp with garlic paste to obtain desired results in improving hair quality [8] .


In addition, vegetables such as Tomatoes, French Beans, Green Chili and Cucumber also have positive results on hair growth. To summarize, eat right, stay stress-free, exercise regularly and take sound sleep, and every day will be a good hair day.


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