9 Common Mistakes Health Conscious People Make

Common Mistakes Health Conscious People Make

Exercising is very important for maintaining proper body functioning. And so is having a balanced diet. They are important for the metabolic rate, digestion and even proper functioning of the brain. Health comes first, especially in the stressful environment we work in. Which is why, most of us become health conscious while growing up. Which is good in every way. But excessive of any and everything has always been proven to be bad ultimately.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes Health Conscious People Make:

1. Over Exercising/ Compulsive Exercising

It is of utmost importance to exercise . But just like not exercising is bad for health, so is over exercising. The muscles go through a lot of contraction and expansion while working out. It creates a lot of friction in the connective tissues between the muscles and bones. Which is why, over exercising leads to ligament tearing. It can also lead to line or major fractures.

Over Exercising

2. Dehydration

Exercising should actually be refreshing for the body and mind. But excessive exercises stress the muscles way too far. Strained muscles need extra water and their own time to cool down and relax. But overworked muscles are left unhydrated. While muscles cool down overnight when the workout session is under healthy limits, they become far too inflamed because of overexercising and forced workout. This poses the risk of fractures, and the reparative process can take too long. It makes you lethargic as well.


3. Accidentally Overeating

Yes, it is healthy to have food in divided meals, but dividing the meals far too widely might actually be leading to overconsumption of food. Divide the meals in not more than 4 sections properly, so that your calorie consumption stays under limit.

Accidentally Overeating

4. Replacing Regular Meals With Liquid

It is good to include liquid in your diet, throughout the day. It keeps you fresh and hydrated. But replacing your regular meal with clear liquid, no matter with fresh fruit juice or health drinks, is unhealthy. Clear liquid diet cannot offer you with the fibers that the body needs for proper digestion. This can constipate your stomach, despite you might be working out much more than your peers. So eat as much as you drink.

Replacing Regular Meals With Liquid

5. Stopping Calorie Intake

Limiting calories is good for the body. It keeps the weight under check. It keeps the heart, kidney, lungs and the entire body healthy. But then, it is calories that actually give the body energy to function normally. Completely stopping the intake of the foods rich in calories will cause weakness. In fact, it is one of the unhealthiest ways of dieting as well. Eat food items that are rich in healthy fat, like omega 3 fat. Don’t stop eating calorie rich foods, just consume calories a lesser than you can burn everyday.

 Stopping Calorie Intake

6. Consuming Artificial Supplements

The natural you keep, the healthier you stay. Keeping fit is one thing, but growing muscles using shortcuts is harmful. Always consume as much vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrate from food, fruits and vegetables as you can, instead of going for artificial supplements. Too many pills can lead to toxicity, acidity, nausea and vomiting. And these are just minor side effects. They can also result in bone and muscle enlargement at all wrong places, like brain.

Consuming Artificial Supplements

7. Replacing Carbohydrates With Alternative Sweetening Agents

Unless you are diabetic, your body will respond better to natural sugar, and not sugar derivatives, even fruit sugar. And according to various researches it has been proven that omitting natural sugar from your diet completely, or replacing it with alternatives, can actually reduce the sugar level in the blood dangerously low, increase cellulite formation instead of decreasing it, and cause renal impairment.

artificial sweetner

8. Skipping Dinner

Skipping dinner is as unhealthy as skipping breakfast is. It may result in midnight hunger that might force you to have midnight snacks, no matter they’re organic supplements or just fruits. It can also cause acidic reflux and heartburn. And all this eventually disturbs your sleep and stresses your body as well as mind. Ideally, you should consume light food early, and go for a long walk instead of sleeping hungry.

Skipping Dinner

9. Eating Too Much Or No protein

Some people believe that eating too much protein is good, and some others accidentally compromise on eating sufficient amount of proteins by concentrating on health drinks and fruits juices. It might take you by surprise that various universities have found out that extra protein for longer period of time risks the heart health, and makes you more susceptible to heart attacks and heart failure. And not eating sufficient protein increases the chances of early death.

Eating Too Much Or No protein

Now that you know some habits of yours might be stealing some benefits from your otherwise healthy regimen, you better be avoiding them to reverse the side effects to benefits. In order to stay healthy, you need to remain focused on not overdoing anything extra.

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