Acid Reflux Syndrome

Acid reflux syndrome is something that millions of people suffer from on a regular basis. It is a disease that many people overlook and also can sometimes be mistaken for other ailments. Acid reflux syndrome is rarely serious, but can leave you feeling pain and discomfort.

Acid reflux syndrome occurs when stomach contents overflow into the esophagus. This happens when the lower esophageal sphincter relaxes.  The valves then allows the contents, including acid, into the esophagus.  The acid then causes a burning sensation in the chest and middle of abdomen. You can also experience a bitter taste in your mouth, burning sensation in throat and even feel as though your throat is closing. Some also experience some regurgitation from acid reflux syndrome. Shortness of breath and anxiety also frequently occur due to acid reflux.  These symptoms are not generally cause by the acid itself, but when you feel pain in your chest, you immediately think the worst.  When a person is having difficulty breathing or panicking, the acid reflux symptoms will take longer to subside.

Acid reflux syndrome can be caused by many different things. Fatty and spicy foods are big problems for those that suffer from acid reflux syndrome. Caffeine and chocolate are also triggers for acid reflux syndrome. Carbonated beverage are common causes, but can sometimes relieve the pressure. Citrus fruits also cause acid reflux syndrome symptoms to occur. The citrus fruits are full of acid and therefore, they react negatively to the stomach acid that has seeped into the esophagus.

Some non-food related things can cause acid reflux syndrome symptoms to arise as well. Being pregnant is a very common cause. The fetus takes up a lot of space and therefore, the stomach is decreased in size. The stomach cannot hold as much and when there is nowhere for the contents to go, they flow into the esophagus. Being overweight can also trigger symptoms. The stomach contents will overflow and cause the burning to erupt.

Acid reflux syndrome can be treated by certain medications or by making simple lifestyle changes. Changing your diet, sleeping in an upright position, not eating heavy meals and losing those extra few pounds can eliminate the symptoms altogether.

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