Acne Problems and How to Reduce Them

Many people suffer from acne problems on a regular basis. Acne is caused by the build up of sebum and dead skin cells that clog pores. Sebum is an oil that is produced in the sebaceous gland that when the production increases, it can cause the clogged pores. Also, the sebum produces bacteria that can cause acne as well.

Acne problems are incurable, but there are ways to treat and prevent them. Benzoyl peroxide is the most common treatment for acne problems. The benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that is caused by the sebum. It also reduces inflammation and helps unclog the pores. You can find benzoyl peroxide in many different over-the-counter acne products. This treatment will help clear mild acne problems and will reduce moderate acne.

Salicylic acid, sulfur, alcohol and acetone are also medicines that are commonly found in acne products. They help reduce acne problems by drying the sebum, killing bacteria and shedding dead skin cells. However, you may experience some side effects from products that contain these medicines. The side effects may include redness, itchiness, dry skin and burning sensation. If your acne problems include sensitivity, you should avoid products containing these medicines.

Some people have severe acne problems that cannot be treated by over-the-counter products. If you suffer from severe acne problems you should seek medical advise. The doctor will evaluate your acne and see if a prescription strength medication is needed. Most likely, the doctor will prescribe a topical retinoid to rapidly exfoliate the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria. There are many side effects with this type of medication so it is beneficial to have close doctor supervision.

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Acne problems vary in severity and cannot be treated without the correct type of treatment. You can use an over-the-counter product or speak with your doctor about taking a topical retinoid. The doctor may also find it useful for you to take an isotretinoin or an oral contraceptive. Acne problems are very common and the only way to treat them is by using one of these products. Since the disorder has no cure, getting it under control is the first step in stopping your acne problems.

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