Chest Acne Treatment

Chest Acne Treatment

Chest acne is a serious skin disorder. Thousands of people suffer from chest acne all over the world. It is not just puberty disorder but adults equally suffer from this. Though you can hide it under clothing but it is cause of great discomfort and irritation. Chest acne is caused by change in hormone level in the blood as is the case in other types of acne. When sebaceous glands under the top layer of skin, start secreting more than normal amount of sebum, normal skin pores get blocked. This trapped oil mixed with dead skin cells gives proper environment for multiplication of already present acne bacteria. To counteract this bacterial infection, body attacks with white blood cells. This cause reddening, pain and inflammation in the acne lesions.

Acne can not be cured completely but good news is that you can prevent and control the acne condition by proper and regular treatment. There are two approaches to treat chest acne; one is to treat already present chest acnes and second approach is to prevent the formation of chest acne.

Treatment for Chest Acne:

Treatment of acne depends upon the severity of acne. If you have very mild form of acne, known as zits, then you can easily treat them without paying much attention to it.

There is no available cure of chest acne as for curing a problem you have to know the root cause which can be many. Treating chest acne means treating the symptoms caused by the acne and cleaning the chest of acne.

The most important and basic step of any acne treatment is not to squash or pick the pimples with your hands as it can lead to further infections and acne scars also.

Use of Antibacterial Gel and Soap

People with chest acne are advised to wash the affected area with antibacterial soap or gel. Frequency of washing should be advised by your doctor after examining your condition as more than required washing can also make the situation worse. After washing and drying properly the infected area, apply an antibacterial cream.

Apart from antibacterial soaps and gels, you can apply creams and gels, specially designed to treat chest acne; most of them contain benzoyl peroxide. In case your chest is severely affected by the acne in large area and you do not feel comfortable with topical cream, your dermatologist can prescribe oral antibiotic medication. You may have to take a few weeks course of antibiotics to treat it. If you do not complete the treatment, chest acne can relapse. In case of even more severe chest acne, your doctor may recommend steroid therapy or laser therapy.

Tight clothing and chest acne

If you have chest acne, do not wear tight and synthetic clothing as it will make you perspire more and aggravate the acne. Rather wear light and loose fitting clothe made up of breathable cotton fabric.

Natural Remedies to Treat Chest Acne:

You can make use of many natural remedies to treat chest acne. Besides being effective and soothing, these remedies do not have any side effects on the skin and body.

Make a lotion by mixing rose water and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply it over the acne. Repeat this process for about three weeks to get positive results.

Take 1 tbsp of dry or fresh yeast and mix it with 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this paste over the chest acne and wash it with warm water after it is dry.

Boil two teabags and some basil leaves in one cup water and cool it. Apply this extract with cotton balls on the acne.

Eat carrots and cucumbers or drink their juices. It may help control acne.

Treat scars of chest acne by preparing a mixture of 1 tbsp sour cream, 1 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp of ground oatmeal and few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture over chest and wash it with lukewarm water after 10-15 minutes.

How to Prevent Chest Acne:

If your skin is prone to acne, you can control and prevent the chest acne by following proper measures. Taking care of hygiene is very important for preventing acne formation. Keep the skin pores clean.

Wash immediately acne-prone areas just after high perspiration. Avoid application of excessive powders, deodorants or lotions on the chest. All of these products can block the skin pores and cause acne.

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