Allergy Shots and How They Can Help You

Many people experience allergy symptoms on a daily basis. Whether they are seasonal allergies, food allergies or pet allergies, they can become a serious problem if not treated correctly. People with severe symptoms and chronic allergies may need to take treatment to the next level.

Antihistamines and oral steroids are the most common form of allergy treatment. They usually give some form of relief, but sometimes the medication is not strong enough. In this case, your doctor may decide to start you on an allergy shot regimen. When you get an allergy shot a small amount of the allergen you are sensitive to is mixed with salt water and injected under the skin. You may notice a small welt that could become slightly itchy. By injecting you with the allergen, you will slowly build up a tolerance to the harmful substance. Allergy symptoms arise when our immune system detects the potentially harmful substance and goes into attack mode. With the help of the allergy shot, the allergen is already in your body. When you come in contact with the allergen, your immune system will recognize the substance and will no longer need to fight it off.

Typically, when you start to take allergy shots your doctor will have you come once or twice a week for injections. Over time the amount of allergy shots will decrease and you will only receive them every four to six weeks. This is the maintenance portion of allergy shots. When you are receiving the allergy shots weekly, you are building up a tolerance to the allergen. When you go into maintenance mode, it is just making sure that there is still enough of the allergen in your body to fight off the allergy symptoms.

Allergy shots are a very effective treatment. They fight off all allergy symptoms and even help reduce asthmatic problems. Allergy shots are most affective against food, pet, mold and dust allergens. Having an allergy test will conclude if your sensitivity is severe and if you would benefit from allergy shots. If you are one of the millions of people that suffer from chronic or severe allergies, speak with your doctor about having an allergy test and find out if you are a candidate for allergy shots.

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